Play Garden: Flexible, Affordable and Fun!

Parents get a break. Kids have a ball.All parents struggle with the moment: Something has to get done. Or, more likely, lots of somethings have to get done: work, grocery shopping, phone calls, meetings, cooking, laundry, cleaning…and dozens of other daily tasks that are the insurmountable Mountain of To Dos That Never Seems to End Now That We Have Kids.

But the babysitters are all booked. Nannies are expensive. Daycare is out of the question, and when school’s out no amount of multi-tasking will tackle all that needs to get done.

This is exactly where Maren Anderson found herself shortly after her son was born. A single mom, she struggled to find a place in the Charleston, S.C. area that was safe, nurturing, education-based and affordable.

There was no drop-in learning center. No pay-by-the-minute “playcare.”

So she created it. Here’s what Maren has to say about her decision to open Play Garden:

“We all deserve a little spontaneity in our lives, and you shouldn’t feel you have to give that up when you become a parent. Walk the bridge with friends. Take a yoga class. Go to dinner with your spouse. Have some quiet time to work…we maintain flexible hours at Play Garden so you can enjoy these times without stressing over finding someone to watch the kids.”

While you’re out getting stuff done or simply enjoying some “me time,” your children will have all kinds of opportunities to explore, interact with friends, exercise and learn through play.

Highlights for Parents Include

  • Extended nights and weekends
  • Kids can stay up to four hours at a time
  • Pay by the minute (after a one-hour minimum)
  • No reservations required – come when it’s convenient for YOU

How Play Garden Works

You can get started today in three easy steps:

1. Register
It’s just $25 per family, per year.

2. Choose your plan.
You can opt to drop in any time and pay the hourly rate or become a member for special package rates. Either way, you pay by the minute following a one-hour minimum.

3. You get a break. Kids have a ball.
Whether it’s for an hour or half the day, you can feel at ease knowing your child is having fun in a safe learning environment.

What other features would you like to see us introduce at Play Garden?

Let us know in the comments or call any time. We love hearing from parents!