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  • Angela Long

    Jan 26th, 2023

    Love being able to drop the grandchildren off and spend time with my daughter. Kids Garden is a wonderful place where they can go and be creative. The staff is great and very caring.
  • Kari Anderson NE-Omaha

    Jan 25th, 2023

    Love this concept and so grateful to use it when I’m in CHS!
  • Kari Anderson

    Jan 25th, 2023

    I love the environment of Kids Garden and being able to come in town and drop off one nephew while I take the other one for a special date day and the best part is everyone wins because everyone loves Kids Garden. The next date day I take the other nephew and each time I pick up both kids feel like I’ve gifted them!
  • SV Aqua Bob

    Apr 22nd, 2019

    Our 3 year old son enjoys this place and so do we. Staff is engaging and welcoming. They have a day care program we use that teaches him about topics the school picks but most importantly he learns to play with other kids and learning how to share. There is also a Saturday night "parents night out" option which is awesome. I truly feel my child is safe and secure here.
  • Stephanie Brown

    Dec 28th, 2017

    Love this spot and my daughter does too!
  • Hilary White

    Dec 19th, 2017

    Love this place! Clean, fun for the kids, and amazing staff! I wish I'd had this place for all my children.
  • T Walters

    Oct 20th, 2017

    This is a wonderful little place. Our son never liked the occasional drop in until we found this one, they're great folks and every time I come in they're very focused on all the children, great atmosphere and always doing a fun activity with the tots.
  • Lauren Williams

    Dec 31st, 2016

    My son loves this place! The staff there are very friendly and warm. There is really no other place like it. They have great activities and healthy lunches/snacks for the children!
  • Ryan Nelson

    Mar 31st, 2016

    My daughter has been going to Play Garden since she was 18 months. She's now 3. As a business owner, it gives me the flexibility to drop her off when I have meetings. Also, they're open at night in case my husband and I want a date. Miss Dawn and Miss Michelle at the MT. P location are always keeping the kids entertained and my daughter is always thrilled to see them. And, I don't have to pay for an entire week when I only may need 2-3 days.
  • Glenna Richards, G-Local Media

    Mar 15th, 2016

    My daughter has been going here for almost a year. She love their preschool program and I love how flexible it is. All of the girls that work with the kids are super sweet.
  • Schrader Fowler

    Jan 17th, 2016

    Play Garden allows me to work when I have clients and my son is out of school. He loves it; he asks to go there rather than stay home with a sitter. The staff is phenomenal. We love Play Garden!
  • Michael Wallen

    Dec 20th, 2015

    Playgarden is a clean, safe and fun place that our son loves. The staff is wonderful and warm. There is always a wide variety of activities that make coming there a special treat!
  • Megan Sanders

    Jul 15th, 2015

    My 18 month old loves this place! It's the only place where you can leave your child in a moments notice and have the peace of mine that they are having a blast! Everyone that works there seems great with kids and always has a smile on their face. My daughter usually doesn't want to leave:) I usually take her there when I need to wear her out before a long car ride, or if I have errands I can't bring her to. Highly recommended!
  • Lauren Fuqua

    Jul 8th, 2015

    Play Garden has been a wonderful option for us. I am especially impressed with the attention to detail with organic snacks and eco-friendly toys. Our little one loves all of the different activities and is so engaged and active there. The staff is wonderful with the kids and it's apparent they love their jobs. I feel lucky that we have this childcare option in the lowcountry!
  • Thea Anderson

    Jul 8th, 2015

    I am the Aunt to a vibrant, hilarious and wonderfully socialized 4 year old. He has benefited greatly from the camps and programs at Play Garden. The eco friendly, safe environment leaves us with peace of mind and the creative, exciting activities he enjoys really adds to his overall education. We love the convenience of the locations, hours and flexible use. Integrating learning with play is brilliant and effective. The staff is also wonderfully helpful and welcoming. Do yourself a favor, and check out Play Garden!
  • Chris Daigle

    Aug 4th, 2014

    Super friendly staff and fun activities for the children. The fact that you can arrange for childcare with a moment's notice is extremely helpful.
  • Leigh Hayward

    Jul 13th, 2014

    As a self employed mama, this place is a godsend!! I can meet clients last minute and get work done in peace and quiet. My child loves the teachers there, especially Miss Michelle and Miss Kristine. I have gotten so many compliments how socialized my two year old is and it's all thanks to Play Garden's safe, friendly, energetic, creative atmosphere :)
  • Tiffany Jackson

    Jul 7th, 2014

    My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves Play Garden! It has been a blessing for our family when we are in a crunch for a sitter or need an escape for a date night! I highly recommend Play Garden to all my mom friends and clients that have kids!
  • Heather Mueller

    Mar 6th, 2014

    My (1-year-old and 3-year-old) boys LOVE this place. The little one scooted away from me yesterday when I went to pick him up so he could keep playing, and my toddler went on and on about the books Miss Michelle read and how many times he went down the slide. I love it that they have so much fun, and that I never have to make a reservation before dropping off the kids. So convenient!
  • Kerri Rosen

    Feb 18th, 2014

    This is my boys second home. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the women who work there and the place. My 5-year-old begs me to take him and my 2-year-old loves it.
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