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Parent Handbook Your guidebook for enjoying Kids Garden

General FAQs

Yes! Kids Garden provides a sibling discount when a family brings both children to the center together. If you choose to become a member, both children will receive discounted hourly rates and access to discounted hourly packages.

We are a shoe-free facility, so your child must wear socks at all times. We have plenty of new pairs available for purchase if you forget. For younger children still in diapers or pull-ups, please bring diapers, wipes, a sippy cup and a spare change of clothes. You are welcome to use one of our storage cubbies to stash shoes, jackets, and other personal items. We kindly ask that your child's items are labeled such as their water bottle, bag or backpack, diapers and wipes. Please give all items needed to a teacher upon drop off to ensure we have everything your little one needs. If you don't have these items at drop off, it's okay! We got you! We sell diapers, snacks and can provide water cups to give you peace of mind that you can drop in anytime. We do not allow outside food or beverages (except water).Please speak with a team member if your child has dietary needs or restrictions.

YES! We are here for the spontaneous moments or when you just need a break for some me time. Kids Garden provides a fun and interactive learning place for your children. Drop the little ones off and enjoy some productive time away and return to happy, worn out kiddos.

Comfortable clothing that can get messy! They’ll be learning through sensory activities, arts and organized crafts that may involve anything from paints and glue to sand and even mud. While they’re sure to have fun, there’s no guarantee their clothes will remain spotless, so please dress them accordingly.

We serve balanced, nutritious meals and snacks everyday at Kids Garden. We do not permit outside food, but rather provide healthy and organic (when possible) sandwiches, fruits, veggies and whole grains that are available daily for a small fee.

For safety and health reasons, we do not allow any outside toys or food. Small children may bring a soft blanket or other small comfort item, but we ask that you leave all other possessions at home or in a storage cubby in our welcome area. Kids Garden has dedicated extensive research to sourcing the best, non-toxic toys and products for our eco-friendly center. Our play space is a time for new discovery and we encourage children to engage in new activities and experience natural materials.

Because we are a drop-in learning center, where children stay for a few hours at a time, we do not have scheduled nap times. If your child seems sleepy, there are plenty of quiet areas and soft mats and pillows for resting. You’re also welcome to bring sleepwear to make the transition easier once home, as well as special sheets or blankets for late evenings during our Parents Night Out events.

Yes! Kids love parties at Kids Garden! You can reserve our entire playspace for your private party, which are held on Sundays by request only.

When you register, we’ll ask you to provide an emergency contact and the names of anyone you’d like to authorize for pickup. Your child will only be released to these individuals once they show photo ID and provide your correct family “code” word. For security, we ask that you notify us at drop off when a different person will be picking up your child. Any adult not in our system will be required to have prior approval in writing from a custodial parent or legal guardian.

We have an amazing, cheerful team of childcare providers who have education backgrounds, children of their own and years of experience in childcare. Each and everyone of our staff members, or Gardeners as we like to call them, goes through our extensive training process on our safety procedures and classes along with extensive background checks and CPR/First Aid certification.

Our Book of Guidelines details Kids Garden’s safety regulations, rules and policies.

Preschool FAQs

Our monthly packages include circle time, sensory learning stations, themed lessons, art projects, movement and snack. Inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia educational theories, Kids Garden Preschool is designed to accommodate various learning styles through a mix of independent exploration and structured group activities.

Yes, you can choose the days that work best for your family. For example: if your child will be attending another school Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, she could join the Montessori-based activities at Kids Garden on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You are also welcome to drop-in to preschool, however we recommend reservations to secure your child’s learning spot!

While prepaid monthly preschool packages are non-refundable, we do offer flexibility to help ensure you never pay for days you can’t use. For example: If your child has to miss a day of school because she’s sick, we do allow makeup days within your preschool plan.

Unlike many traditional preschools, Kids Garden is a drop-in facility. This means there are no volunteer requirements or extra committees for parents to attend. In fact, we encourage parents to enjoy some “me” time during preschool hours. In addition, we aim to maintain a ratio of 1:7 staff to children so the kids have plenty of room to explore and engage in a safe, inspiring educational environment.

Discounted monthly preschool packages are designed for children who regularly attend our preschool program, however, they are not required. When dropping your child into Kids Garden, you are dropping your child into our programs. Please know that we sometimes reach capacity during preschool hours. You are always welcome to call and make a reservation.

Our preschool program is designed for children ages 2-5. Preschool packages are not sold to children under the age of 2, but one-year-olds are still welcome to join our facility at normal hourly rates. Due to teacher-to-child ratios and our curriculum during preschool, we encourage families to make reservations for infants.

Absolutely. We ask several questions on our enrollment form which will help us get to know your child and accommodate his or her learning style and social needs. Your answers are kept confidential and are used solely to assist our teachers in providing a more enriching and nurturing experience.

Yes! Kids Garden is often open when public schools are closed. On these days, we offer special schools-out camps instead of preschool. No extra payments are required for parents who have prepaid for monthly preschool. Should you choose not to bring your preschooler on a big camp day, you can notify our staff ahead of time and schedule a makeup day instead. On the few holidays when we are closed, you will get a credit for a makeup day if the holiday falls on a weekday when your child would otherwise be at Kids Garden Preschool.

Art Classes/After School FAQs

Yes! Kids Garden has regular after school package options and your child can always drop in! Art Lab & Studio classes are offered from 3:30-5:30, however your child can drop in at any time. For those that join after school regularly our goal is to enhance each session with projects, participation and learning.

Unlike many traditional schools, Kids Garden is a drop-in facility! This means there are no asks, supplies, or requirements from parents. We encourage parents to enjoy some “me” time during Art Lab & Studio Programming class hours.

You can do either! Discounted monthly packages or prepaid hour packages are designed for children who attend our centers regularly. Our daily and weekly schedules are consistent so children can also drop in as needed.

Our art class curriculum is geared for children ages 4 and up. If your child is under the age of 4, they can still drop in! We always have differentiated learning opportunities for children of any age during our Art Lab & Studio Programs.

Absolutely. In our registration form, we ask several questions that will help us get to know your child and accommodate his or her learning style and social needs. We ask that all participants agree to our community agreements and classroom safety. Should a child consistently disrupt the flow and learning of our Art Lab & Studio programs, they will be removed.

As always, we offer creative learning at all hours for all children. If your child is in the center during our afternoon enrichment classes, they will continue to take part in enrichment activities that are in line with the scheduled art class for the day. We differentiate the learning and offer a variety of activities to accommodate all learners. If they are not signed up for the class they, will still take part in art education.

No material fee is required! Just come prepared to get messy, create, and explore new activities.

Children have signed up in advance so we have a set amount of supplies for the sessions. We also follow State regulations ratios and are staffed accordingly to keep the children safe.

Yes! Kids Garden offers after-school packages that include our Art Lab & Studio Classes. For those who join us regularly, our goal is to enhance each session with projects, participation and learning. Children are always welcome to drop in during our art classes and after school.

Prepaid after-school packages are non-refundable as we require a minimum enrollment to maintain teacher ratios and purchase supplies. We have worked hard to keep our fees as modest as possible, therefore, we’re not able to offer refunds.

Camps FAQs

Children ages three and up can register and sign up for our Summer and Seasonal Camps. Our educational theories, curriculum and activities incorporate experiential learning, hands-on activities and exploring centered around school-age kids.

Kids Garden is a drop-in creative arts learning center and we always keep drop-in spaces, however even those fill up! During busy times of the year, including summer and when schools are out, we encourage reservations to secure your child’s spot. Each center has a capacity limit and it can be reached. There may be times we will have to ask your child to return at another hour. If you know you need care, please plan ahead with a reservation. Please note that we charge a no-call no-show fee.

We also value movement and activity! We understand the importance and benefits of incorporating movement, play, and breaks alongside creative work. During our camp days and weeks, we take movement breaks, have unstructured playtime, playset time and dance parties!

Absolutely! You can make the camps a full day by registering your child for both a morning and afternoon camp in the same week. We recommend adding prepaid dollars on your account for extra snacks and hours. While we're thrilled to offer this opportunity, it's important to consider if your child is a motivated artist/camper who will enjoy a full day of camps. This might not be the best fit for every child, and you know your child best!

Kids Garden provides a snack and lunch during camp. We ask all campers to bring a labeled water bottle and to wear socks inside the center. Please label your child's items and leave any other items in our front cubbies.

Parent's Night Out FAQs

PNO is Parent's Night Out. During Parent's Night Out, children participate in games, crafts, and other age-appropriate activities, all under the supervision of our trained staff. It provides parents the opportunity to drop off their children for a few hours and enjoy a night out or some free time.

All parents deserve a break, so we wish! Unfortunately, PNO is offered once a month. This gives our teachers a break and ensures that our one late night is packed full of activities and games. Be sure to reserve your spots as spaces fill up quickly!!

Yes! Members, non-members, and new families can register and join our PNO. Payment is required to reserve a spot and must be done either in person or online here.

This depends on the location. For younger children, please be mindful of their bedtime and sleeping needs. This night is about fun vibrant energy and is not always suitable for young toddlers ready for bed at 7 pm.

Our center schedules teachers, prepares activities and orders food according to our reservations, therefore there are no refunds. If you realize shortly after booking that you need to reschedule, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help credit you for another PNO date. Because we have to turn families away due to capacity, we can not make changes on the week of your scheduled PNO.

Yes! Kids Garden provides a sibling discount when a family brings both children to the center together. We also provide sibling discounts for Parents Night Out. You can see our rates here.

Yes! You are more than welcome to leave your children for longer than the 3 hours. The extra time can be paid for at pick up or you can use hours from prepaid packages. Parent’s Night Out lasts from 4pm-9pm.

Parties FAQs

Yes! You can purchase gift certificates hereError: Snippet not found

How much are your party rentals? Costs vary depending on how many children will be attending the party. Pricing for our birthday parties can be found here.

Can I have a party planner and decorate the center for my party? At Kids Garden, we aim to keep things as easy as possible for parents. Our team will set up, clean up and break down. We do not allow a ton of outside decorations as our center and vibe is to keep a simple, calm, fun environment. We provide activities, crafts, games and more to go along with most birthday themes so rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your party.

To respect the staff cleaning the center and setting up for the next party, we ask that you depart within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

Is there a deposit required? To reserve a birthday party, please view our calendar to find your desired date. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date and time. This deposit is taken off the total party package cost at the time of payment.

Junior Explorers Club FAQs

After-School Club: Our After-School Club offers members daily, weekly and monthly after-school care. It’s here that Junior Explorers (school-aged kids) will have outdoor activities, homework help, daily art classes, group activities, gross motor skills, exercise and independent learning. We understand the need for increasing enrichment, curriculum and adventures and we got you! Our Junior Explorers Club gives us the ability to keep growing with families and the needs of children, through all seasons of life.

Our Summer Camps offer Junior Explorers (school-aged kids) camps throughout the Summer that offer next-level activities, crafts, games and exploration! Whether your child is signed up for an Outdoor Exploration Camp or a weekly camp at the center, the days will be filled with group fun and hands-on projects and individual creations!

You can visit our website here for more information and pricing.

Membership and Registration is required for Junior Explorers Club

No, the cost of Junior Explorers is based on how many days your child attends. If you wish to stay before or after, you may pay by the hour or buy a package of hours at a discounted rate.

No, unfortunately due to the ratio of staffing, bus costs, and activities, we have made Junior Explorers Club as affordable as possible. There are sibling discounts for Kids Garden hourly rates for before and after hours.

We offer a small complimentary snack upon arrival. There are many preferences and restrictions, therefore we encourage parents to purchase prepaid dollars for their child/children. Junior Explorers Club has a healthy concession area where a variety of snacks may be purchased for $1 each.

Our After-School Club has outside time with plenty of fresh air and shelter, rain or shine. In the event that all schools are canceled, we will issue a credit for another day of Junior Explorers.

Yes, our buses have high top seats and seatbelts for safety. You may send a booster, however we can not accommodate car seats.

Our bus is open air with windows and circulation. Children will be asked to wear seat belts and follow all bus safety rules. Parents must sign the transportation waiver and be signed up for a monthly plan in order to participate in bus transportation.

Visit [link Junior Explorers link] here. We offer a variety of options.

  • Day rates are available when school is out.
  • Payment can be made online. You may also bring in a check, however reservations are not confirmed without payment. If needed, payment can be taken over the phone.

Careers FAQs

The qualifications vary by location, but generally, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent. A college degree is required for some positions, however we have many teachers working with us while in college! Kids Garden does require additional certifications like CPR + first aid training, and a background check.

Any experience working with children is beneficial. This could include babysitting, volunteering, or working in a daycare or preschool setting. Experience with lesson planning and child development is also helpful.

Teachers are responsible for supervising and caring for children, including teaching, facilitating, feeding, and changing diapers. Our Kids Garden team has extensive training to help a new Kids Garden Employee. Our teachers also organize activities, help children with stations/work, and ensure the safety of all children in their care.

Yes, there are opportunities for advancement in the education field with Kids Garden. With additional education and experience, you can advance to roles such as lead teacher, assistant director, or director of a Kids Garden center.

Working in a creative arts learning center can be rewarding but also challenging. It requires patience, empathy, and a genuine love for working with children. If you enjoy helping children learn and grow and are passionate about making a difference in their lives, a career in a learning center could be right for you.

A teacher showing a group of kids arts and crafts at Kids Garden after school program.

Safety and Flexibility A Community of Support

We understand the importance of flexibility for modern families. Our after-school programs offer various scheduling options to accommodate the complexities of family life.

With safety as our top priority, parents can rest assured that their children are in a secure, nurturing environment from the moment school ends until it's time to head home.

We keep Kids Garden safe with

  • Experienced childcare professionals
  • CPR and first aid certifications
  • Background checks
  • Healthy foods
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