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Parent's Night Out

  • Ages 2 and Up
  • Every Second Saturday from 5pm - 8pm

Craving a date night but can’t find a trusted babysitter? Kids Garden Parent's Night Out is the solution you have been looking for!

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Evenings of Exploration: Parents' Relax, Kids Discover

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Every second Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., we welcome children for a safe, fun evening, allowing parents to relax and enjoy uninterrupted time together. During our “Parent’s Night Out” event, Kids Garden Asheville, NC unfolds a realm of wonder for your children. It's here, amidst laughter and learning, that they'll paint, play, and explore, guided by our compassionate educators. This evening is more than a break from the routine. It is a chance for parents to relax and for children to experience exhilarating adventures where creativity and curiosity combine.

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Enjoy a well-deserved break with Kids Garden's Parents Night Out! Our trusted team ensures your kids have a fantastic evening filled with fun activities, while you take the night off to relax or enjoy a date night."

Parent's Night Out

August 10, 2024


Join us for our favorite night of the month! During Parents Night Out, children will enjoy a special night just for them with themed games, crafts, and, as always, plenty of space to play! The PNO special includes three hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and a pizza dinner.

$35 for one
$70 for two
$75 for three

*Space is limited. A non-refundable payment is required to reserve your child's spot. Thank you for your understanding!

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Parent's Night Out

September 14, 2024


Join us for our favorite night of the month! During Parents Night Out, children will enjoy a special night just for them with themed games, crafts, and, as always, plenty of space to play! The PNO special includes three hours from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and a pizza dinner.

$35 for one
$70 for two
$75 for three

*Space is limited. A non-refundable payment is required to reserve your child's spot. Thank you for your understanding!

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Kids Garden Asheville parents night out pricing.

Parent’s Night Out Pricing Enjoy some time away & give the kids a special night at the same time

Parent's Night Out is offered every second Saturday of the month and includes 3 hours of childcare. We provide group games and activities, an organized craft, and a pizza dinner for a memorable night of fun with friends Bring a sibling or two for a discount!

1 child
2 children
3 children

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How to Enroll For Kids Garden's Parent's Night Out


Register Your Family

Register your child or children and complete our required paperwork.


Book Your Parent's Night Out

This reserves your evening, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our Curriculum Includes... We Integrate Montessori, Reggio and Play-Based Methods

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Positive Socialization

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Fine Motor Skills

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Math Concepts

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Reading Comprehension

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Yoga & Gross Motor Skills

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And More...

Enrichment Beyond the Classroom Parent's Night Out in Asheville, NC

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On these evenings, our center buzzes with excitement and innovation. Children dive into activities that spark their imagination, like:

  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Hands-on STEAM projects
  • Reading time and storytelling
  • Interactive games and explorations
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Take a Tour of Our Learning Center Creativity Is At the Heart Of Our Center & Everything We Do

Seeing is believing, and we invite you to witness firsthand the magic of Kids Garden. Book a tour today, explore our facilities, meet our dedicated team, and learn more about our programs. Join us at Kids Garden, where every day is an opportunity for your child to thrive, create, and discover. Let's nurture their potential together, one playful moment at a time.



PNO is Parent's Night Out. During Parent's Night Out, children participate in games, crafts, and other age-appropriate activities, all under the supervision of our trained staff. It provides parents the opportunity to drop off their children for a few hours and enjoy a night out or some free time.

All parents deserve a break, so we wish! Unfortunately, PNO is offered once a month. This gives our teachers a break and ensures that our one late night is packed full of activities and games. Be sure to reserve your spots as spaces fill up quickly!!

Yes! Members, non-members, and new families can register and join our PNO. Payment is required to reserve a spot and must be done either in person or online here.

This depends on the location. For younger children, please be mindful of their bedtime and sleeping needs. This night is about fun vibrant energy and is not always suitable for young toddlers ready for bed at 7 pm.

Our center schedules teachers, prepares activities and orders food according to our reservations, therefore there are no refunds. If you realize shortly after booking that you need to reschedule, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help credit you for another PNO date. Because we have to turn families away due to capacity, we can not make changes on the week of your scheduled PNO.

Yes! Kids Garden provides a sibling discount when a family brings both children to the center together. We also provide sibling discounts for Parents Night Out. You can see our rates here.

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We've Got You! Hear From parents who have found peace of mind in the garden

Empowering Young Minds Enjoy Your Freedom While They Discover Theirs

Growth and Independence
A Night for Reconnection
Designed for Your Convenience

Growth and Independence

Our parents' night out in Asheville, NC is more than just an evening of supervision; it's a carefully crafted experience to foster independence and social skills.

Children can explore new interests, connect with peers, and develop in a supportive, nurturing environment. This focus on personal growth provides peace of mind for parents, knowing their children are in a place where they can thrive.

A Night for Reconnection

We understand the importance of your time as parents. This program allows you to enjoy a dinner, catch a movie, or unwind, knowing your children are having a fun adventure.

It's a win-win situation for both parents and kids. You get your well-needed alone time without having to worry about whether your kids are safe and enjoying themselves!

Designed for Your Convenience

Acknowledging the busy schedules of modern families, our Parents’ Night Out is set to ensure ease of planning for those well-deserved breaks.

By offering a consistent schedule, we help you make the most of these special nights, providing a reliable solution for your childcare needs.

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Safety and Joy in Every Moment Parent's Night Out in Asheville, NC

At the heart of our program is a commitment to creating a secure and inclusive experience for every child. Our dedicated team ensures that children feel welcome, engaged, and safe. This commitment lets parents enjoy their night out, knowing their children are in the best hands.

At our creative arts learning center, children experience engaging activities that entertain and inspire. Each session explores themes like storytelling and collaborative art projects, fostering imagination. Our nurturing environment celebrates the joy of discovery, encouraging children to express themselves freely while forging new friendships.

Our Parents’ Night Out (PNO) includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Care - 3 hours of childcare between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. (only available for children ages 2 and up).
  • Engaging Activities - like art exploration, hands-on learning, and movement.
  • Creative Crafts - including a keepsake to bring home!
  • Dinner Included: Pizza is provided, so you don’t have to worry about meal prep.
  • Flexible Pricing: $35 for one child, $70 for two, and a special rate of $75 for three children.

Reserve Your Next Night Out Kids Garden Asheville, NC

Designed with parents and children in mind, Parents Night Out is one of our signature childcare programs.

Mark your calendars for an evening of relaxation and reconnection, and let Kids Garden Asheville, NC take care of the rest. Book now to secure your spot!

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