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  • Ages 2-5
  • Weekdays
  • Various time slots

Our preschool is centered around children ages 2-5 years old. Our program integrates Montessori and Reggio methods while teaching positive socialization, fine motor skills, communication techniques, math concepts, reading comprehension, yoga and more!

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We Provide Peace of Mind

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Unlike traditional preschools in Asheville, NC, Kids Garden offers an enriching journey where creativity, curiosity, and play combine. Here, preschool is re-envisioned as an adventure set against a backdrop of imagination and hands-on exploration. At Kids Garden, we understand that the early years are crucial in laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and growth. Our childcare programs are designed to nurture the individual spark within each child.

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Our Curriculum Includes... We Integrate Montessori, Reggio and Play-Based Methods

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Positive Socialization

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Fine Motor Skills

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Math Concepts

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Reading Comprehension

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Yoga & Gross Motor Skills

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And More...

Preschool Pricing Preschool available to Members Only

Flexible, month-to-month Pre-K with options for any schedule. For Ages 2 to 5 years of age. Lunch is included in packages that end after 12pm. Select your preferred number of days and hours to see pricing options.

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How to Enroll in Preschool

Enroll your child in our preschool program at Kids Garden to kickstart their educational journey with a rich blend of play-based learning, social development, and foundational academics, all tailored to nurture young minds.


Registration Form

If you are already registered at our Kids Garden Asheville location, you can skip this step. Registration is family based, so you only need to complete registration one time per year to access all our programs, including preschool.


Preschool Enrollment Form

This form will alert our team about your intent to enroll, and will help us learn more about your child and your preferred schedule, payment packages of choice, and more about your child's needs.


Reserve a Preschool Interest Class

Plan your first day of preschool. Then bring your child to learn, grow, create, and play in a natural creative way.

Online booking is not available for this program. Please call Kids Garden Asheville for availability or check out our other classes and programs!
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Our Philosophy Preschools in Asheville, NC

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Central to Kids Garden's ethos is a belief in nurturing young minds. This philosophy is the heartbeat of our Asheville play-based preschool, where every aspect of a child's development is honored.

Recognizing that children are natural learners, our curriculum is designed to harness their innate curiosity and desire to explore, providing a rich soil where the seeds of knowledge can flourish. We blend play with purpose, creativity, and discovery, ensuring that learning is not a passive experience but a dynamic journey of exploration.

Children at Kids Garden Asheville, NC still learn about science, math, social studies, and other traditional subjects. Our approach is organic and focused on the needs of children, and is therefore more flexible and creative than rigid and tested.

In this environment, children are encouraged to lead their learning adventures, guided by their interests and questions. This child-centered approach fosters independence and confidence, empowering children to participate actively in their education.

By integrating creative arts, environmental stewardship, and hands-on exploration, we offer a holistic education that prepares children not just academically, but also emotionally and socially for the world beyond our doors.

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Take a Tour of Our Learning Center Creativity Is At the Heart Of Our Center & Everything We Do

Seeing is believing, and we invite you to witness firsthand the magic of Kids Garden. Book a tour today, explore our facilities, meet our dedicated team, and learn more about our programs. Join us at Kids Garden, where every day is an opportunity for your child to thrive, create, and discover. Let's nurture their potential together, one playful moment at a time.



Yes! Kids Garden provides a sibling discount when a family brings both children to the center together. If you choose to become a member, both children will receive discounted hourly rates and access to discounted hourly packages.

We are a shoe-free facility, so your child must wear socks at all times. We have plenty of new pairs available for purchase if you forget. For younger children still in diapers or pull-ups, please bring diapers, wipes, a sippy cup and a spare change of clothes. You are welcome to use one of our storage cubbies to stash shoes, jackets, and other personal items. We kindly ask that your child's items are labeled such as their water bottle, bag or backpack, diapers and wipes. Please give all items needed to a teacher upon drop off to ensure we have everything your little one needs. If you don't have these items at drop off, it's okay! We got you! We sell diapers, snacks and can provide water cups to give you peace of mind that you can drop in anytime. We do not allow outside food or beverages (except water).Please speak with a team member if your child has dietary needs or restrictions.

YES! We are here for the spontaneous moments or when you just need a break for some me time. Kids Garden provides a fun and interactive learning place for your children. Drop the little ones off and enjoy some productive time away and return to happy, worn out kiddos.

Comfortable clothing that can get messy! They’ll be learning through sensory activities, arts and organized crafts that may involve anything from paints and glue to sand and even mud. While they’re sure to have fun, there’s no guarantee their clothes will remain spotless, so please dress them accordingly.

We serve balanced, nutritious meals and snacks everyday at Kids Garden. We do not permit outside food, but rather provide healthy and organic (when possible) sandwiches, fruits, veggies and whole grains that are available daily for a small fee.

For safety and health reasons, we do not allow any outside toys or food. Small children may bring a soft blanket or other small comfort item, but we ask that you leave all other possessions at home or in a storage cubby in our welcome area. Kids Garden has dedicated extensive research to sourcing the best, non-toxic toys and products for our eco-friendly center. Our play space is a time for new discovery and we encourage children to engage in new activities and experience natural materials.

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We've Got You! Hear From parents who have found peace of mind in the garden

From Sunrise to Sunset Asheville Play-Based Preschool

A Day in the Life
Specialized Programs
Beyond the Classroom
Safety, Nutrition, and Well-being
Grow With Us

A Day in the Life at Kids Garden Asheville, NC

A typical day at Kids Garden is anything but ordinary. From the moment our little learners arrive, they're embraced by a world rich with opportunities to explore, create, and grow.

Here is how a day at Kids Garden Asheville, NC might unfold:

  1. The morning starts with a communal circle, igniting imagination through stories and songs, setting the tone for a day filled with learning adventures.
  2. To get kids’ creative juices flowing, the first lesson begins in the art studio. Various materials are available for kids to explore, including paints, clay, construction paper, and colored pencils.
  3. A science experiment may come next, where kids turn questions into quests for answers and sensory activities invite exploration of textures, sounds, and sights.
  4. Lunch and snack times are when healthy, nutritious meals fuel growing bodies and big minds. Post-lunch, quiet times offer a pause for reflection, rest, and storytelling, recharging spirits for the afternoon's explorations.
  5. Next, students may head over to interactive play areas and discovery stations that provide endless opportunities for problem-solving and social interaction, encouraging children to build relationships and collaborate on projects.
  6. The day might close with group games that build teamwork and social skills, leaving children with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for what tomorrow at Kids Garden will bring.

Structured yet flexible, our program respects the rhythm of each child's day, offering rest and nourishment when needed, and active engagement when curiosity strikes. Through these carefully crafted experiences, children at Kids Garden Asheville, NC develop critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and a deep love for learning.

Each day provides a balanced mix of guided learning and free play, ensuring that our preschoolers not only acquire new knowledge and skills but also develop the confidence and creativity that will serve them throughout their lives. This balance ensures that every child feels supported, happy, and eager to explore, making our preschool not just a place to learn, but a place to thrive.

Specialized Programs for Diverse Needs

Understanding that each family's schedule and each child's learning journey are unique, Kids Garden in Asheville, NC has meticulously designed a range of specialized preschool programs.

We offer:

Each offering is tailored to foster growth, curiosity, and a sense of community. Embedded within these programs are opportunities for children to engage in focused learning areas, including STEAM, creative arts, and environmental education, ensuring a well-rounded approach to early childhood development.

Kids Garden is dedicated to serving the modern family's evolving needs, making it a standout choice for those searching for preschools in Asheville.

Beyond the Classroom

At Kids Garden, we believe the preschool experience should extend beyond traditional classroom boundaries. We embrace enrichment and community-building as core components of our program.

Our enrichment classes, ranging from music and movement to art and nature exploration, are designed not only to complement our curriculum but also to spark joy and foster a lifelong love of learning. These classes allow children to delve deeper into their interests, discover new passions, and express themselves in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Community is at the heart of Kids Garden, where families find not just a preschool but a place to connect, share, and grow together. This emphasis on connection and shared experiences reinforces the idea that education is a journey we embark on together, with Kids Garden Asheville, NC serving as a trusted partner every step of the way.

Safety, Nutrition, and Well-being: Our Commitment to Every Child

At Kids Garden, we are committed to the safety, nutrition, and overall well-being of every child. We understand that a secure environment is foundational to effective learning and growth.

Our center employs rigorous safety protocols, including secured entry systems and comprehensive staff training in first aid and emergency response.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the daily rhythm at Kids Garden Asheville, NC. We provide wholesome, peanut-free organic snacks and meals that fuel the body and mind, catering to our young learners' unique dietary needs and preferences.

Our food is not only nutritious but also aligns with our eco-friendly values, supporting healthy lifestyles and communities.

Beyond physical health, we strongly emphasize the emotional and social well-being of our preschoolers. Our educators are not just teachers but nurturing guides who foster a warm, inclusive atmosphere where every child feels seen, heard, and valued.

This holistic approach ensures that Kids Garden is a place where children thrive not just academically, but in all aspects of their development.

Grow With Us

At Kids Garden, we see ourselves as more than just a preschool—we are a growing community where children and families flourish together.

Recognizing that the journey from toddler to pre-K is filled with rapid growth and change, our programs are thoughtfully designed to challenge and stimulate your child every step of the way. Our drop-in program teaches foundational skills and our pre-K program incorporates advanced readiness, preparing for kindergarten and beyond.

Our flexible drop-in options and diverse preschool programs reflect our understanding that family needs can shift and change. We offer a stable and flexible educational experience that respects the pressures and demands of modern parenting.

By fostering strong connections within our community, we build a network of support that enriches the Kids Garden experience for children and their families alike.

Joining Kids Garden Asheville, NC means becoming part of a community dedicated to nurturing creative, confident, and compassionate learners, ready to explore the world with curiosity and joy.

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Kids Garden Asheville, NC Join Our Preschool Family

The preschool journey is a significant milestone for both children and their families. At Kids Garden, education is a collaborative adventure enriched with creativity, play, and the shared joy of discovery. Our doors are open to families seeking an innovative approach to preschool, where children are empowered to explore their passions and develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Choosing the right preschool means finding a place where your child can feel at home while being stimulated intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Kids Garden Asheville, NC offers this balance, providing a nurturing environment that encourages children to thrive. Our unique blend of play-based learning, creative arts, and eco-friendly practices creates a preschool experience that prepares children for the future while honoring the magic of childhood.

We understand the trust you place in us and are committed to partnering with you every step of the way, ensuring your child's preschool years are filled with happiness, growth, and wonder.

Discover the Magic Kids Garden Asheville, NC

Interested in enrolling your child in Kids Garden? We invite you to join a tour, meet our dedicated team of educators, and see our engaging classrooms and play areas.

During your visit, you'll experience the caring atmosphere, creative energy, and dynamic learning environment that define our approach to early childhood education.

Whether you're interested in half day enrollment, pre-K preparation, or flexible drop-in options, our team is ready to discuss how we can meet your family's needs. Discover how our Asheville play-based preschool can provide not just a place for your child to learn but a space for them to flourish. Together, let's nurture the seeds of curiosity, creativity, and community that will bloom for years to come.

Book your tour today and take the first step towards joining the Kids Garden Asheville, NC family.

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