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  • Camren Brown

    Jan 10th, 2024

    I cannot speak highly enough of kids play garden and the entire staff! We attend the South Windermere location and my daughter started when she was 12 months old. They were the only ones I have ever trusted with her and I’m so grateful I did! I cried actual tears when she left to start school and take every opportunity to use their drop in hours for half days or school breaks! The best 💙
  • LB Dantzler

    Dec 15th, 2023

    My wife and I hosted our daughter's birthday party here and it was incredible. Their new space has so much room and the staff was amazing. Our son has visited multiple times throughout the year for daycare and camps. We'll definitely be back! Highly recommend!
  • allison zaubi

    Dec 13th, 2023

    Just getting home from work, and my child is soooo happy. It’s been a long day and coming home to happiness makes all the stress subside. He can’t wait to go to kids garden tomorrow, and I can’t express enough (again) how much we appreciate having such a magical place for our childcare needs during work chaos ❤️❤️❤️
  • Jodi Sutley

    Dec 21st, 2021

    We have been sending my 2 (almost 3) year old here for their daily preschool program for several months now and we are beyond happy with them. He was having issues at a prior daycare not being challenged enough and acting out. The staff listened to us and took steps to ensure he was always engaged and it has worked wonders. We've even seen his language and storytelling abilities blossom shortly after starting here. LOVE this place and so happy to have them nearby.
  • Constance Allegood (Connie)

    Dec 16th, 2021

    Finding a preschool that fit our needs began as a daunting task and ended with the perfect preschool experience! I started out looking for a “Mom’s Morning Out” type preschool program because that seemed to be the only part time preschool option available. Finding all of those programs to be full or closed I began looking through online searches. What we found at the Kids Garden fit all of my search criteria and so much more! They offer custom scheduling (care paid by the hour and/ or preschool packages), a secure indoor play area (cleaner and safer), organic snacks and meals, a non-religious affiliated Montessori-type learning environment, prices that are the same or lower than other preschool programs, and even a monthly Parents Night Out! All of these things are wonderful and I truly believe they are PERFECT for providing a preschool age care environment. We have been sending our son for care and preschool for almost 6 months now and he learns so much! Most importantly I feel the best thing about Kids Garden is the teachers! All of them are caring, friendly and expert toddler handlers! Jen, Savannah, and Hannah greet us with calm smiles every day and they all provide such expert care that I can honestly say my son couldn’t be in better hands for his “school day”! Carol the director is very hands on and I have never seen a task she doesn’t handle expertly! Hearing is believing y’all! Every time I walk in I am amazed that I am actually in a preschool! It is always so calm and orderly in there it is hard to believe so many preschool age children are also present! Kids Garden puts the littles first without compromising adult concerns and I couldn’t be more grateful we found them!
  • Emelia Brandon

    Dec 9th, 2021

    My kids (7 & 9) were part of the new Paint and Create Studio Program this week. They had a fantastic time and can't wait to go the next one! They worked with spray paint, paints and shapes. This was a fun, interactive, creative multi age program. We are excited to see what the project will be next week. Thanks Kids Garden!
  • Evan Ortlieb

    Nov 21st, 2021

    We love the flexibility of Kids Garden, the stimulating environment, and creativity and passion displayed by teachers. Our daughter comes home singing songs she learns there and always talks about all her friends there. We appreciate the convenience of Kids Garden and can't say enough good things about this place!
  • Matthew Paiva

    Nov 19th, 2021

    Our son has been attending Kids Play Garden over a year and the growth is tremendous. With him being an only child, social engagement is a must. Kids Play Garden offers so much more. I genuinely enjoy picking him up and asking about his sensory stations, classroom activities, and even discipline time outs. Highly recommend this location to any parent considering getting their little ones some time with others and sharpening their early development skills.
  • Briane Garrison

    Nov 19th, 2021

    We sent our first daughter to Kids Garden for their preschool program for two years. She absolutely loved her time there. She enjoyed her teachers and her language, social, emotional and writing skills greatly improved and she was completely prepared for her transition to full day kindergarten this year with CCSD. We now also send our second daughter there as well, and she recently started the preschool program last month when she turned two. The staff is great, the facilities are stellar, and the flexibility of their child care is exceptional. We have also participated in their parents night out events on Saturdays, and both of the girls have enjoyed their time during those. I would highly recommend Kids Garden to anyone looking for childcare, whether on a regular schedule or an as needed basis when something last minute comes up!
  • Lillian Guy

    Nov 19th, 2021

    My girls have been at home with me since birth, naturally they’re a little shy when meeting new people. A friend recommended Kid Garden to me, we finally took the leap to try daycare and preschool and my girls absolutely love it there. I was overjoyed by how excited they were to tell me all about their day. They were so excited they kept asking when they could go back! The staff is friendly, great communication, security protocols in place, great atmosphere and very convenient. I’m so happy to have found Kids Play Garden!
  • Peyton Tenpas

    Nov 15th, 2021

    My 3 year old LOVES Kids Garden. As an only child, she struggled with the school environment at first. Ms. Carol, Ms. Savannah, and Ms. Jen were instrumental in helping her adjust. We love the flexibility that Kids Garden provides. Being a military family, our schedule can be erratic, so we love being able to drop off/ change plans as needed. We also love the Parents Nights. So nice to be able to enjoy a night out with my husband while our toddler is having fun. I can’t say enough great things about Kids Garden. We recommend them to everyone we know!
  • Natalie Thomas

    Jun 7th, 2021

    We LOVE Kids Garden! We could not have asked for a better first-school experience for our daughter. The center is a huge part of our child's life, growth, development, and happiness. The flexibility of the program makes it easy for us to live between states and still have our child attend preschool. We're looking forward to her being involved in afternoon programs once kindergarten begins. We will continue to grow as part of the KG family for years to come!
  • Sarah Dilling

    Jun 1st, 2021

    The teachers at Kids Garden are caring and patient. Although my daughter is hesitant to visit, every time I pick her up she’s smiling and happy.
  • Jen Beightol

    May 31st, 2021

    We love Kids Playgarden!!! The preschool program is creative, fun and so engaging. The flexibility for the parents is essential. The teachers and staff are kind and professional. We are grateful to have such an amazing option in our community that encourages friendships embraces curiosity and the love of learning.
  • Lisa Young

    May 26th, 2021

    My daughter has been attending preschool since September. Due to COVID, our schedules were constantly shifting and we needed a center that would allow us to adjust monthly. It’s been a great fit! My daughter loves attending school, has made a lot of friends and loves the teachers. Thank you PlayGarden for providing a safe, clean and healthy learning environment!
  • The Brown Family

    May 26th, 2021

    Play Garden has been the most amazing blessing for my family. My daughter is now 3 and has gone there since she was 12 months old. The amount of trust that I have in this facility and the way that they care for our daughter is indescribable! It is truly a relief to know how much care and attention they give all the children growing in their garden. As far as pricing and flexibility, it’s the best. She is in their pre-school classes now and we use their hourly drop in times too. They even offer a monthly “parents night out” on a Saturday night, where the kids have a pizza party and play and make crafts while you get a night out! Cheaper than a babysitter and it’s definitely nice to not worry about cleaning up 🤣 Fully recommend. The best choice we ever made for our young one and will be so said when she moves on to kindergarten.
  • Taylor Dobler

    May 26th, 2021

    My 3 year old and 4 year old attend preschool at Playgarden in South Windermere and we have loved the entire experience. The teachers are so caring and my kids come home singing songs and talking about their artwork. I also love the flexibility of their school schedule. We highly recommend it!
  • Kristen MIller

    Apr 21st, 2021

    My daughter has been going here for 3 years and it has consistently been an outstanding place! Miss. Carol and the staff are always welcoming and encouraging young minds to learn and explore. The cleanliness is top notch; in addition, they make it easy for parents by providing healthy, organic lunches and snacks. We look forward to Summer camps and the days when she can attend the field trips on the Play Garden bus!
  • Ashley Regan

    Apr 1st, 2021

    The Play Garden team is absolutely amazing. Both of my children have enjoyed their preschool program, short drop off, date night out, and Saturday day services. The staff is consistent, kind, loving, and understanding while still instilling respect, accountability and communication with the children. Their approach encourages creativity and independence as the kids have the best day ever. I could not recommend a better place for my children to spend their time.
  • Madina Nurgaliyeva

    Apr 1st, 2021

    Teachers at Play Garden are the best.They are very patient and encouraging. My 18 months old had separation anxiety after couple of weeks going to Play Garden she had friends there and knew teacher's names. I can't describe the joy of watching her play with other kids and becoming independent. Clean and safe place, healthy snacks and oh they do yoga classes there!
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