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Seasonal Camps

Our themed kids camps are available during fall break, winter break, spring break, summer break, on federal holidays… and any other time school is not in session. Camps are offered throughout the year when you need them most, to keep children learning and engaged. These camps fill up fast — subscribe to stay updated when new camps become available for registration.

Summer Camps

Say “hooray” to the most flexible summer camps around! At Kids Garden, weekly camps are structured so you can sign up for the days and times that work best for your family—be it several weeks, select days or even just a few hours at a time. Activities change weekly and are centered around various themes, from Lego learning and science to creative crafting and movement (plus many more in between).

The Junior Explorers Club

We’re built on the belief that exploration is learning, and that nature provides boundless opportunities for children to discover, explore and strengthen some of their most important skills. With the uncertainty of the world and all the knowledge we hold as licensed educators, we’re doing what we always do – brainstorm the best ways to support our families here at Kids Garden. And we’re doing just that with our Junior Explorers’ Club. We’ve got options for two different approaches to learning this year: After-school Adventures and Outdoor Day Camp. 

We know that nature play…

  • Decreases stress and encourages mindfulness
  • Stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Encourages responsibility, independence and imagination
  • Hands-on and sensory learning opportunities abound
  • Understanding of and appreciation for our planet

Our Mission at Junior Explorers Club is to inspire and empower children through creative, educational play. Going on adventures in and around town, we’ll learn valuable wilderness skills and develop essential life skills. We know these skills will help develop children’s self-esteem, promote teamwork and friendship, and develop a sense of community and belonging. Unplugged from electronics and plugged into the natural world around us, our various programs will let children discover more of the great outdoors in the company of exceptional leaders.

After-School Adventures

Our After-School Adventures give parents the convenience of children being picked up at their school at the time of dismissal. Explorers will then get fresh air at local parks, beaches and farms, which will allow us to alternate on our schedule.  Next the group will head to Kids Garden for a healthy snack, homework helpers, kids yoga and creative art classes. Parents can pick up at their convenience and must pick up their child by 6 PM.

Limit 10 students per bus. Hours 2:30pm-6:00pm $150 per child per week

Outdoor Day Camp

Our Outdoor Day Camp offers parents daily and weekly camps. It’s here that Junior Explorers will be transported on our buses to local parks, beaches, farms, as well as to our sister location of Natural Gathering Grounds. These camps are typically booked by the week, and range in theme and explorational learning themes. The goal of Outdoor Junior Explorer Camps is to unplug from the world, and reconnect in nature! Campers can join enriching Kids Garden activities in one of our centers, before or after day camp hours.

Limit 14 students per bus. Hours 10am-3pm $285 per child per week $65 per child per day

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