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Every Weekday 8:00 – 3:00

Ages 2+

Super flexible. Designed to meet the needs of every schedule.

Designed by in-house early childhood educators, Kids Garden preschool curriculum draws from Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to learning, so teachers can easily accommodate multiple learning needs and styles.  Our daily routine includes a variety of activities ranging from independent learning stations and organized crafts to kids yoga and indoor playset time.  We encourage learning through exploration, using natural materials and inspiration from the outside world.

Drop-in for preschool at anytime (reservations are strongly encouraged), or purchase an annual membership to access our monthly preschool packages.

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Every weekday from 3:00 – 5:30 pm
Ages 3+

Every afternoon our Creative Arts Learning Center transitions into an Arts Studio geared toward school-aged kiddos (PreK through 5th-grade). We offer a variety of organized creative arts and play-based enrichment classes to suit all interests.

Our After-school Enrichment Program is ideal for the Super-Mom (or Dad!) on the go, that desires more flexibility in their afternoons while providing their kids the ideal outlet for creative expression, socialization, and play-based learning in a safe and nurturing environment.


Check out our After School Enrichment schedule and class descriptions below.


Weekly Class Schedule


9:00-1:00 Preschool & Seasonal Camps
1:00-3:30 Mini Makers Art & Sensory Exploration
3:30-5:30 Meet Your Muck & STEAM Lab


9:00-1:00 Preschool & Seasonal Camps
1:00-3:30 Mini Makers Art & Sensory Exploration
3:30-5:30 Art Exploration Lab


9:00-1:00 Preschool & Seasonal Camps
1:00-3:30 Mini Makers Art & Sensory Exploration
3:30-5:30 Recycled Building & Eco Art Studio


9:00-1:00 Preschool & Seasonal Camps
1:00-3:30 Mini Makers Art & Sensory Exploration
3:30-5:30 Paint & Create Studio


9:00-1:00 Preschool & Seasonal Camps
1:00-3:30 Mini Makers Art & Sensory Exploration
3:30-5:30 Friday Fun

Saturday (3rd Saturday every month)

9:00-12:00 Create and Play & Art Lab
12:00-2:00 Sensory Learning Exploration

Class Descriptions


Our preschool is centered around children ages 2-4 years old. Our program integrates Montessori and Reggio Emilia methods while teaching positive socialization, fine motor skills, communication techniques, math concepts, reading comprehension, yoga and more! When schools are out, we offer creative camps for children ages 2+!

DAILY - Mini Makers Art Lab & Sensory Learning Exploration

Our kiddos love to create, explore, and get messy. Mini-Makers is a drop-off, free-form art enrichment class for learners in Pre-K, ages 5 & under. Children work through multiple work stations, including independent, collaborative, and sensory activities , all of which can be expanded for older kids or simplified for the youngest – – the goal being to meet children where they are developmentally. We provide fine and gross manipulatives in a structured format so that children can focus for longer periods of time. This class also provides children extra help with fine-motor skills associated with things, like: handwriting, tying shoes, zippers, etc.

MONDAY - Meet Your Muck (STEAM) Lab

“Meet Your Muck” Mondays is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) instruction and enrichment class. Meet Your Muck was created for kids who love experimenting, mixing, and creating with different types of materials. Come dressed for the mess!

TUESDAY - Art Exploration Lab

Art Exploration Lab is for art lovers, who enjoy exploring new mediums & techniques, like painting, drawing, sculpting, collaging, and more. We combine direct instruction and individual artistic expression to inspire confidence in creative expression and broaden artistic knowledge. Projects may span multiple weeks to encourage revisiting works with a new creative lens and fresh perspective.

WEDNESDAY - Recycled Building & Eco Art Lab

Recycled Building & Eco Art Lab provides an opportunity to explore and experiment with natural and recycled materials, with the goal to promote sustainability and encourage students to use their innate imagination and creativity. Children work on various projects; however, we provide loose materials because we value creative learning and the individual artistic process over a specific outcome.

THURSDAY - Paint & Create Studio

Paint & Create Studio blends master-full painting techniques and mediums with your child’s own unique, creative expression. We explore a variety of brush types and strokes and master various paint mediums, like: watercolors, oil pastels, tempera, acrylics, chalk and more. We also study famous artists and their distinct styles with the goal of educating children about art history and encouraging them to create and embrace their own unique style and talents.


Friday Fun was created for movement, games, challenges, and plenty of space to have fun with Friends! From scavenger hunts to beyblade battles, our Fridays with friends are filled with socialization, gross-motor skills, agility, brain teasers, and all the popular school-age kid gadgets. Join us to play and challenge each other as we get some much needed energy out and inspiration on the last day of the week!  

SATURDAY - Create & Play Studio (Open 3rd Saturday of the Month)

Our Create & Play Studio is perfect for early elementary and elementary-aged artists. We explore different art themes, mediums and tools as we work on fine motor skills, artistic confidence, and expression. Through this combination of instruction based and process based approach, your child will be able to develop new skills and artistic confidence. Our hands-on and process-based approach encourages individuality and sparks creative learning experiences.

Parents Night Out (Ages 3+)

5:00-8:00pm (Second Saturdays of the Month)

On Second Saturdays of every month, parents can enjoy a night out without the kids!

We’ve eliminated the need to search for a babysitter. Now, you can relax and enjoy your Saturday night while the kids have their own special evening. Let them enjoy group activities and games, themed crafts, and plenty of space to play. Our Parents Night Out Special includes 3 hours of care and a healthy dinner.

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