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Every weekday morning, Kids Garden offers a special eco-friendly, flexible preschool curriculum for children ages 2 to 5. Your child can join the activities at any Kids Garden location and potty training is not required. Designed by in-house early childhood educators, Kids Garden preschool draws from Montessori and Reggio Emilia’s approaches to learning so teachers can easily accommodate multiple learning needs and styles. During this special, structured curriculum we encourage learning through exploration, using natural materials and inspiration from the outside world.

The daily routine includes a variety of activities ranging from independent learning stations and organized crafts to kids yoga and indoor playset time (details below).

afterschool programs

Afternoon Enrichment

Art Lab & Studio Programs

When school lets out, bring the children to Kids Garden for snack time, play time and organized art, STEAM, and play-based lab and studio classes. While our lab and studio classes are suited for children ages 4-12, our drop-in options are always available to children ages 1 & walking, through age 12.

Art Lab & Studio Afternoon Programs

Every weekday afternoon from 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Mini Makers, Art & Sensory Exploration Daily from 1:30 – 3:30 pm


Meet Your Muck & Steam Lab

Children will explore and experiment with a variety of media and matter, learning creative scientific thinking skills, new concepts, and making fun matter!


Art Exploration Lab

A process-based approach with both direct instruction and individual artistic expression blocks. Artists will explore mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpting, collaging, and more!


Recycled Building & Eco Art Studio

Using recycled and natural materials, students are encouraged to use their imaginations to create anything they can dream up. We get creative using wood, fabric, plastic, paper, recycled materials, and much more!


Paint & Create Studio

Using various brush stroke styles, we will explore artists’ paint styles, as well as techniques such as printmaking and color mixing!


Friday Fun

Popular school-age kid gadgets make up the games, battles and challenges during our Friday Fun!

MONDAY - Meet Your Muck & STEAM Lab

Ages: 4 – 12
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 pm
Capacity: 10 students
Cost: 6 weeks: $145 / Drop-In Class Rate: $32 *supplies included in fee

Class Description: Our Meet Your Muck & STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Lab) Lab class was created for school-aged children who love mixing, experimenting and learning about new kinds of matter, materials, and ways to create! Meet Your Muck Mondays is an after-school STEAM instruction and enrichment class. Created for 1st – 5th grade children, to learn a wide variety of materials and experiments, exploring new techniques, all while expressing their creativity and unique point of view. Come dressed for the mess!

TUESDAY - Art Exploration Lab

Ages: 4 – 12
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Capacity: 10 students
Cost: 6 weeks: $145 / Drop-In Class Rate: $32 *supplies included in fee

Class Description: Our Art Lab Exploration class is great for kids that love art and are excited to explore different mediums and learn new techniques. We’ll be painting, drawing, sculpting, collaging, experimenting, and more! Each class will be a combination of direct instruction, and individual artistic expression. This combined approach of free artistic time with access to materials, and time spent on more technical instruction, will allow children to foster their love of creative expression and expand their creative technical skillset. Each class includes kids yoga, reading books and free art studio time. Each session will build on the lessons learned the week before, encouraging children to attend each week to further their artistic knowledge and creative skillset. Occasionally, projects will span multiple weeks, encouraging children to revisit previous works with a new creative lens.

WEDNESDAY - Recycled Building & Eco Art Studio

Ages: 4 – 12
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Capacity: 10 students
Cost: 6 weeks: $145 / Drop-In Class Rate: $32 *supplies included in fee

Class Description: In our Recycled Building & Eco Art Studio class, students will be introduced to a variety of art materials and techniques, and offered the opportunity to explore and experiment with recycled and natural materials. Our goal is to promote a love of the Earth, build confidence & encourage students to use their innate imagination and  creativity. Each class will have a specific project, however loose materials will be provided. We place a great deal of value on the creative learning and the individual artist process that takes place, over the outcome.

THURSDAY - Paint and Create Studio

Ages: 4 -12
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Capacity: 10 students
Cost: 6 weeks: $145 / Drop-In Class Rate: $32 *supplies included in fee

Class Description: Our Paint & Create Studio blends master-full art techniques with your child’s own unique, creative expression. We will cover a combination of group and individual project time, to expand and explore our creative talents. To learn more about the many painting materials and paint mediums, we’ll explore a variety of brushes, and brush stroke styles, all while working with various paint mediums like: watercolors, chalk, oil pastels, tempera, acrylics and more. We’ll learn about ancient art history, and modern-day art movements, so we can create and embrace our own unique styles and talents. Our goal for this time together is to educate children on a variety of artists and artistic styles, experiencing them all as we go; all in an effort to encourage them to find their own inner artist, and expand their own creative imaginations!

FRIDAY - Fun 5 & Up

Ages: 5+
Time: 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Capacity: 10 students
Cost: 6 weeks: $145 / Drop-In Class Rate: $32 *supplies included in fee
(sibling discount)

Class Description:

Our Friday Fun for 5 & up was created for movement, games, challenges, and plenty of space to have Friday Fun with Friends! From Pokemon scavenger hunts to beyblade battles, our Fridays with friends are filled with socialization, gross-motor skills, agility, brain teasers, and all the popular school-age kid gadgets. Join us weekly to battle, play and challenge each other as we get some much needed energy out and inspiration on the last day of the week!  

SATURDAY - Create & Play Studio: Open Art Lab

Ages: 5-12
Select Saturdays
Time: 11-1:00
Capacity: 15 students
Cost: 6 weeks: $145 / Drop-In Class Rate: $32 *supplies included in fee

Class Description: Our Create & Play Studio: Open Art Lab class is perfect for early elementary and elementary-aged artists. We will be exploring different art themes, mediums and tools as we work on fine motor skills, artistic confidence, and expression. Through this combination of instruction based and process based approach, your child will be able to develop new skills and artistic confidence. Our hands-on and process-based approach encourages individuality and sparks creative learning experiences.

DAILY - Mini Makers Art Lab & Sensory Learning Exploration

Ages: 2 – 5
Daily Monday – Friday
Time: 1:30-3:30
Capacity: 15 students
Cost: Regular drop-in fees

Class Description: Our littles love to create, explore and get messy. Mini Makers is a drop-off, free-form art enrichment center time for learners in Pre-K through 1st grade, our themed art class for kids ages 5 & under. Friends have the opportunity to travel through multiple stations in the center, including independent, collaborative and sensory activities. Fine and gross manipulatives are provided in a structured format allowing the child to focus for longer periods of time. The goal of this class is to meet children where they are developmentally. Activities can be extended to the older kids in class, or simplified for the youngest. This class is also a great way to give your child extra help with fine-motor skills, associated with things like, handwriting, zipping zippers, tying shoes, just to name a few.


Our preschool is centered around children ages 2-5 years old. Our program integrates Montessori and Reggio methods while teaching positive socialization, fine motor skills, communication techniques, math concepts, reading comprehension, yoga and more! When schools are out, we offer creative camps for children up to age 12!

Parents Night Out

On Saturday evenings once a month, parents can enjoy a night out without the kids! Let them enjoy games, themed crafts, and plenty of space to play. This special night is just for them! Our Parent’s Night Out Special includes three hours of supervised play time and pizza dinner. Available 4-9pm.

Parents Night Out

Date night? Need some time to visit with friends?

You’ll love Kids Garden’s Parents Night Out! We’ve eliminated the need to search for a weekend babysitter. Now, you can relax and enjoy your Saturday night while the kids have their own special evening.

For three hours on Saturday evening, kids enjoy a special night just for them with games, themed crafts, and, as always, plenty of space to play! The Parents Night Out Special includes three hours between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. and a pizza dinner.

Available 4:00-9:00pm (for any three consecutive hours)

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