Need a place for your children to go after school? Have you heard of our After School Club? This is a great time for your kids to unwind after school by enjoying free play, snacks, arts and crafts and even some yoga.

Monday – Friday from 3p.m. – 4 p.m. is homework hour. Let our Play Garden teachers help make sure every bit of homework is done by the time you head home for the evening that way you can spend dinnertime with them without worrying about getting all that homework done.

From a recent parent Heather G., “Thank goodness for the after school club. I have client meetings in the afternoon and often I can’t leave work early to get the kids from school. Our friend drops them off for us and I pick them up. Their homework is done, so I’m not stressed about making dinner and getting the homework done at the same time. We actually get to spend quality time together. And they love it.”

So what are you waiting for? Call either one of our locations or drop them off anytime after 2pm. We’d love to help you and them.


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