Preschool Director and Camp Coordinator

Michelle joined Play Garden last year after earning her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. She has lots of experience working with children, including a year teaching in preschools.
Play Garden teacher Michelle Klaus

What do you enjoy most about Play Garden?

The atmosphere! Although it can seem chaotic at times, I enjoy taking a second to stop and admire the creative work that’s happening throughout the facility.

When in school, I had a hard time deciding which age groups I wanted to teach. At Play Garden, I have the opportunity to work with children of all different ages throughout the day. I have so much fun getting to know so many different personalities! And here, kids are given the opportunity to play. Play is such an important aspect of learning and it’s amazing to watch so many little creative minds at work.

What do you have planned for the summer?

I am so excited for our summer camps! We have really fun themes I think children are going to love. They’ll be a lot like our normal “schools out” themed weeks throughout the year, but with more children and many more organized activities throughout the center. We’ll also have games, crafts, snacks and of course playset time. Kids who enjoy coming here for regular drop-in will love our camps!
Michelle Klaus at Play Garden

What’s different about Play Garden camps?

Summer camps at Play Garden give children the opportunity for creative play in a structured learning program. And while we have children registered for our camps, we’ll still be open for drop-in.

We’re also very open in allowing children to let their creative minds flow. We’ve planned many different, fun themes the kids are going to love: experiments to explore in our “mad science” camp, seeds to plant during our “green thumb” camp, nature to explore in our “tree hugger” camp, and so much more!

Most of all, I can’t wait to see all the new friendships that will be made.