Play Garden Teacher Kelcey Olivia“Everybody just fell in love with her.”

That’s what a College of Charleston faculty member had to say recently about Play Garden teacher Kelcey Davis. If you’re child’s spent time at Play Garden lately, it’s likely you’ve heard similar sentiments. We thought you’d like to hear more about one of our amazing teachers:

How did you end up at Play Garden?

I’ve always enjoyed working with children, and I really love (and can stand behind) the vision and mission of Play Garden. I met a friend who was working here and spoke very highly of the facility and of (founder and owner) Maren. Upon my first visit, I knew I would love to work here.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

Getting to know the children and experiencing all their unique personalities!  It’s so neat when you get to see the transformation and development right before your eyes.  In the six months I’ve worked here, I have seen kids go from barely walking to walking confidently, and from babbling to starting to use words.

It’s great when parents tell you that they are so happy that they have Play Garden and that it makes life easier when they need to run errands, take an exercise class or just have a date night. It offers a great learning and enrichment opportunity for children, provides parents the opportunity to run errands, take a break, and also encourages moms to embrace their own health and wellbeing by offering discounts for taking classes such as yoga, pilates and barre.  I love the fact that Maren is so environmentally conscientious as well and it is great to work with a company with such amazing values.

How does your current major at CofC apply to the work you’re doing here?

I was originally an education major at the College of Charleston, but decided to pursue a degree in exercise physiology because of my love of health and nutrition. I started a health education program at the college, and I love opportunities to combine my love of health, teaching and sharing what I have learned.  Play Garden has provided an amazing outlet to work with children in such a healthy and enriching environment.

Any favorite memories so far?

I love to see when children become so interested in the lesson, an art project or their play.  Children have so much excitement and love for life. It is such a pleasure to experience it everyday. I almost always leave a day at work, having genuinely laughed, played, and seen kids learn and have so much fun. I always leave work with a great story about something funny or sweet that a child did that day and that is such a great experience to have.

Have a question for Kelcey or another Play Garden teacher?

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