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Every weekday morning, Kids Garden offers a special eco-friendly, flexible preschool curriculum designed for children ages 2 to 5. Your child can join the activities at any Kids Garden location and potty training is not required. During this special, structured curriculum we encourage learning through exploration, using natural materials and inspiration from the outside world.

Designed by in-house early childhood educators, Kids Garden preschool draws from Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to learning so teachers can easily accommodate multiple learning needs and styles. The daily routine includes a variety of activities ranging from independent learning stations and organized crafts to kids yoga and indoor playset time. 

After School Enrichment

When school lets out, bring the children to Kids Garden for snack time, play time and organized activities like kids yoga, art classes and LEGO® fun. And don’t forget: every weekday from 3–4 pm it’s homework hour. A Kids Garden tutor will help make sure every bit of homework is done by the time you head home for the evening.

Class Schedule


9am-1pm Preschool & Camps
1-3pm Sensory Learning Exploration
3-4pm Meet Your MUCK
4-5pm Kids Yoga
5-6pm Eco Art


9am-1pm Preschool & Camps
1-3pm Sensory Learning Exploration
3-4pm Recycled Building
4-5pm Kids Yoga
5-6pm Paint and Create


9am-1pm Preschool & Camps
1-3pm Sensory Learning Exploration
3-4pm Math Magicians & LEGO Learning
4-5pm Kids Yoga
5-6pm Eco Art


9am-1pm Preschool & Camps
1-3pm Sensory Learning Exploration
3-4pm Paint & Create
4-5pm Kids Yoga
5-6pm Recycled Building


9am-1pm Preschool & Camps
1-3pm Sensory Learning Exploration
3-4pm Math Magicians & LEGO Learning
4-5pm Kids Yoga
5-6pm Friday Fun for 5 + Up


9am-1pm Create and Play & Art Lab
1-2pm Sensory Learning Exploration
2-3pm Meet Your MUCK
3-4pm Kids Yoga
4-5pm Paint & Create
4-9pm Parents Night Out (3rd Saturday of month)
Sensory Learning Exploration

A practical hands-on, multi-sensory, collaborative, exploratory experience for your child. Fine and gross manipulatives are provided in a structured and authentic format allowing the child to focus for longer periods of time. Stations are set up throughout the center for drop in learning fun.


Our preschool is centered around children ages 2-4 years old. Our program integrates Montessori and Reggio methods while teaching positive socialization, fine motor skills, communication techniques, math concepts, reading comprehension, yoga and more! When schools are out, we offer creative camps for children 2-10 years old!

Meet your MUCK

All about sensory exploration and hands on fun! Children will experiment with different textures, make slime, putty, flubber and other various substances and concoctions. This class is like throwing your own slime party!

Kids Yoga

Our classes are based on the interests, energies and developmental stages of children. Playful 
yoga poses are paired with animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques. Along with music, crafts, books, puppets and age-appropriate props, this class gets the kids stretching and smiling!

Eco Art

Nature art, recycled & upcycled materials like milk crates, egg cartons, recycled cardboard, packing material and other household materials will be used to create unique masterpieces designed by individual artists and budding environmentalists.

Recycled Building

Based on working with non-toxic, safe tools to help develop fine motor skills and learn the fundamentals of engineering. Natural art materials within the classes connect children to the environment. Recycled building and crafting motivate everyone to feel responsible in respecting, valuing and taking care of the environment. At Kids Garden we believe recycled materials contribute to many of the creative learning projects within our learning center.

Paint and Create

Help your child develop a creative palette! Brush and sponge painting, sculpting, drawing, cutting and pasting are just a few of the ways in which our young artists express their creativity!

Math Magicians & LEGO Learning

Magic tricks can liven up any math class and create a sense of wonder and curiosity about math. Magicians will find math in everything-calendars, deck of cards, and basic objects (sorting blocks, clocks, popsicle sticks, legos, nature, etc.). While working with friends, the development of social skills is emphasized as the Magicians become good listeners, follow directions, cooperate in a group and learn more about themselves. Learners and builders at Kids Garden will be hard at work with our DUPLO® and LEGO® age appropriate activities that foster little engineers. The fun colored bricks, bits and blocks will encourage learners to independently and cooperatively pursue their creative interests.

Create and Play & Art Lab

In Art Lab we encourage each artist to learn, create and explore in their own individual way. In a teacher-guided open studio format, children are introduced to a wide range of materials. The materials change weekly, but always include an open exploration with different themes,  projects, and inspirations to let creativity shine. Children are encouraged to discover various medias including painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking. Our teaching method is based in helping your child develop artistic skills while nurturing the imagination.

Parents Night Out

On Saturday evenings (third Saturday of the month), Parents can enjoy a night out without the kids! Let them enjoy games, themed crafts, and plenty of space to play. This special night is just for them! Our Parent’s Night Out Special includes supervised play time and pizza dinner. Available 4-9pm.

Parents Night Out

Date night? Need some time to visit with friends?

You’ll love Kids Garden’s Parents Night Out! We’ve eliminated the need to search for a weekend babysitter. Now, you can relax and enjoy your Saturday night while the kids have their own special evening.

Kids enjoy a special night just for them with games, themed crafts, and, as always, plenty of space to play! The Parents Night Out Special includes pizza dinner with friends. Call to reserve your spot on the third Saturday of the month!

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