We aren’t big into bragging but seeing the way the children flourish at Play Garden makes us so happy and it’s great to hear from the parents of why they love us. Here’s some of their reasons shared with us on Facebook.

My daughter absolutely loves PlayGarden! There has been a plenty of times that I have come to pick her up and she does not want to leave. The staff is very friendly and I feel confident in the care they provide in my absence. The facilities are well maintained and it always seems as though there is an activity they are trying to involve the children in. I am very thankful to have this just down the road from us and how it has benefited our daughter so much!

We didn’t know much about Play Garden when we dropped off my son at the Mount Pleasant location several weeks ago. It was unplanned, so we weren’t sure what to expect. After getting buzzed in, I immediately noticed how clean it smelled. I noticed the organic cleaning products. We were comforted with a warm smile from Sky. She explained all of our options. She proceeded to find out all of the necessary information about our son including medications, and allergies. When we returned, he had eaten dinner, played, danced and might have even had more fun than us!! We are so happy to have discovered this wonderful place. I highly recommend it!

We LOVE this Eco-friendly drop off for our son! Not only can he do art or yoga they have Lego building classes and Motivational Movement. It’s such a relief to be able to drop him off at one place and there be such a variety of things to choose from. The new location in the South Windermere is so convenient and a great addition to the shopping center. We couldn’t be happier to have this as an option.

My daughter loved the staff and the activities! It is such an amazing idea. To be able to drop her off last minute and feel that she is in good hands is amazing. We just moved to Charleston and im a stay at home mom, so i dont really need a full time daycare. She hasn’t had any kids to play with and gets bored with just me so this solution was perfect!