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Seasonal Camps

Weekly camps are offered throughout the year when school is not in session: Spring break, Summer break, Fall and Winter break, as well as select federal holidays.  We keep children learning and engaged when you need it most!

Our camps fill up fast — follow the links below to reserve your spot.

Summer Camps

When schools lets out, the adventures at Kids Garden are just beginning. Say “hooray” to the most flexible summer camps around!  At Kids Garden, weekly camps are structured so that you can sign up for the dates and times that work best for your family—be it several weeks, select days, or even just a few hours at a time.

Camp activities change weekly and are centered around various kid-friendly themes, from Lego learning and mountain adventure to space camp and STEAM… plus much more. Each day has a different array of creative arts and learning activities for children ages 2 and up.

Daily Rates

9-1 pm: $50 (Members);   $65 (Non-members)
9-3 pm: $70 (Members);   $90 (Non-members)

Weekly Rates

9-1 pm: $225 (Members);   $300 (Non-members)
9-3 pm: $315 (Members);   $435 (Non-members)

Ages 2 yrs and up | Rates include lunch and snack

Summer Camps Weekly Schedule & Rates


Come explore the Rainforest and learn about the animals and plants that live there! Our campers will discover why it is called a Rainforest as we learn about the climate through hands on projects and weather experiments. They will embark on an imagination adventure, build boats out of recycled material and take a trip down the Nile looking for the plants and animals they have learned about!


Each day this week will be dedicated to learning about a different art medium, including drawing, painting, collaging, and sculpting. Famous artists will bring inspiration and motivation to the different works of art that are created by each unique camper. Roll up your sleeves and come ready to explore your inner artist as we collectively create and develop individual masterpieces.

June 20-24: LET'S BOOGIE!

Beam in the spotlight and show us your dance moves! Campers will get their bodies moving and let the beat move their feet. Our days will include motivational movement, interactive dance games, and exploring new and classic songs. Our campers will find true love for the magic of music and be sure to entertain as they come home with new performances.

June 27-July 1: PEACE, LOVE, TEXAS

Summertime is the perfect time to form friendships, discover new places, and get to know where you live. Campers will gain a sense of community and culture while learning about the Lonestar State through arts and crafts, games, movement, and so much more!


Come explore the world under the sea while we learn about our oceans and animals that live there. From fish and whales to sharks and stingrays, this camp will ignite a sense of wonder. We will dive deep into ocean education with hands-on exploration and submerge ourselves in all aspects of life under the water.


This week will be filled with artistic activities, creative crafting and inspiration. This camp includes painting, mosaics, handmade jewelry, collages and sculpting. Each day children will have a directed project as well as an open art lab to let the creativity flow.


Get ready to dig in deep as we explore all things rocks and dinosaurs! Our campers will put their geologist and paleontologist hats on as they examine minerals, test rocks, and get to know all of the different types of dinosaurs. Come break geodes, examine fossils, make your own volcano, and discover all of the amazing aspects of Earth Science.


This kid-friendly camp combines outer space and Star Wars. Whether your child is an Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, Princess Leia or Boba Fett lover, they will love getting into character and being part of another galaxy. This camp will inspire children through discovery, games, trivia, LEGOS, art, friendship building, and so much more. Campers will explore our ever-expanding universe beyond the movies!

August 1-5: FULL S.T.E.A.M. AHEAD

Science, technology, engineering, art, and math will be explored through collaborations and creations in our super cool STEAM camp. Our campers will be challenged to build Lego structures, explore and construct airplanes, problem-solve, and engage in hands on experiences. We can’t wait to see our campers innovate, invent, and put their creative minds to work!

August 8-12: MAD SCIENCE

Science is fun and functional! This camp will show children the wonders of science and exploration while they learn through interactive and hands-on science activities. Campers will participate in experiments and enhance their creativity by learning how to make predictions, draw conclusions, and problem solve.

August 15-19: GREEN THUMB

Children will make recycled crafts, create unique art from nature, and understand simple and fun ways to go green in order to be protectors of our planet Earth! Let your gardens grow with the help of your own little farmers! Campers will learn about planting from seeds, different types of gardens and how to compost. Your child will even bring home a plant for the garden. Future farmers, gardeners, and nature explorers will discuss and learn about plant growth, permaculture, composting, seed germination, cultivating produce, and experience the true meaning of farm to table.

Summer Kids Camp

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