Moms Morning Out Preschool Curriculum

Painting at Play Garden PreschoolEvery weekday morning, Kids Garden offers a special eco-friendly, flexible preschool curriculum designed for children ages 2 to 5. Your child can join the activities at any Kids Play Garden location and potty training is not required. During this special, structured curriculum we encourage learning through exploration, using natural materials and inspiration from the outside world.

Designed by in-house early childhood educators, Kids Garden preschool draws from Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to learning so teachers can easily accommodate multiple learning needs and styles. The daily routine includes a variety of activities ranging from independent learning stations and organized crafts to kids yoga and indoor playset time.

Pay-as-You-Go Monthly Preschool Package Pricing

At Kids Garden, you choose what best works for your family. Prefer to pay as you go? Drop in to have your child join the activities any time at normal hourly rates. Plan to have your child attend weekly? Save up to 56% off normal hourly rates by purchasing a pre-paid monthly preschool package. (No annual tuition commitment required).

The following rates are for our centers in South Carolina. For more information on preschool at our Colorado location, click here or call 970.457.4466.

9-12 (3 hrs) 9-1 (4 hrs)
2 Days a Week: $228 monthly ($9.50/hr) $272 monthly ($8.50/hr)
3 Days a Week: $333 monthly ($9.25/hr) $396 monthly ($8.25/hr)
5 Days a Week: $540 monthly ($9.00/hr) $640 monthly ($8.00/hr)

NEW! Preschool + Early Morning Exploratory Hour

8-12 (4 hrs) 8-1 (5 hrs)
2 Days a Week: $272 monthly ($8.50/hr) $320 monthly ($8.00/hr)
3 Days a Week: $396 monthly ($8.25/hr) $465 monthly ($7.75/hr)
5 Days a Week: $640 monthly ($8.00/hr) $750 monthly ($7.50/hr)

Monthly Lunch Bunch Packages:

Lunch is served every day and can be purchased individually ($6) or through a lunch bunch package.

 2 days/week: 3 days/week: 5 days/week:
$40 (8 lunches) $60 (12 lunches) $100 (25 lunches)

Excited and eager to have your child join the fun?

Ready to enroll? Want to take a tour? Call your preferred location to learn more!

Kids Garden Preschool FAQs

Play Garden Preschool EntranceWhat do monthly package rates include?
The package rates include 3-4 hours of circle time activities, sensory learning stations, themed lessons, art projects, kids yoga and a snack. Enrollment does not include the cost of lunch. Lunch packages can be purchased or individual lunches ($6) paid for at pickup.

What extra costs should I anticipate?
There is a $25 dollar registration fee annually for all Kids Garden families in addition to cost of tuition. Lunch is not included in enrollment cost.

Can I pack a lunch for my child?
No outside food is allowed unless there are severe allergy restrictions. Please be sure to let teachers know if your child has such restrictions so staff can be extra vigilant. To help protect children with allergies, Kids Garden is a peanut-free facility.

Can my child drop in for a preschool preview first?
Yes! Drop in care is still available during preschool at normal hourly rates.

Can my child stay past 1 p.m.?
Yes. Children are allowed to stay longer than preschool at normal hourly rates.

South Windermere PreschoolWhat’s your refund policy?
While prepaid monthly preschool packages are non-refundable, we do offer flexibility to help ensure you never pay for days you can’t use. For example: If your child has to miss a day of school because he’s sick, we’ll allot a makeup day you can use at your convenience.

What happens if my child gets sick?
Kids Garden is a learning and natural play center, where safety always comes first. If a child comes in with a fever or shows signs of getting sick we will call the family to come in for early pick up.

Will pre-paid preschool package rates apply on schools-out camp days?
Yes! Kids Garden is almost always open when public schools are closed. On these days, we offer special schools-out camps instead of preschool. No extra payments are required for parents who have prepaid for monthly preschool. And should you choose not to bring your preschooler on a big camp day, please notify our staff ahead of time so you can schedule a makeup day at a later date.