Learning Activities at Play Garden

Painting lessons at Play Garden


Helping your child develop a creative palette they can call their own is our goal at our drawing, painting and sculpting class. The theme changes weekly, and every session culminates with a cool project you can take home, like a collage or a sculpture. Brush painting, sponge painting, sculpting, cutting and pasting are just a few of the ways in which our young artists express their creativity and develop fine motor skills as children begin to look at art in a whole new way! This is the perfect class for children who love art and the world of imagination!
non-toxic art supplies at Play Garden

Art Lab

The materials change weekly, but Kids Garden always includes an Art Lab with in-depth instruction by a staff member. Learners find a art style that draws their attention, like easel painting or natural sculpting, and pop on by. In Art Lab we encourage each artist to learn, create and explore in their own individual way. In a teacher-guided open studio format, children are introduced to a wide range of art materials. They are encouraged to discover various media including painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking. Our teaching method is based in helping your child develop artistic skills while nurturing the imagination.

Sensory Learning Centers

Learning is a practical hands-on, multi-sensory, collaborative experience. Learning centers focus on children exploring through sensory stimulation. Fine and gross manipulatives are provided in a structured and authentic format allowing the child to focus for longer periods of time. Our goal is to orient the children through an exploratory process which is highly interactive and investigative.
recycled crafts at Play Garden

Recycled Building

Recycled building is based on working with nontoxic materials and safe tools developing fine motor skills and learning the fundamentals of engineering. Nature art materials within the classes connect children to the environment. Themed classes for outer space and deep sea projects encourage inquisitive minds. Children’s experiences in mathematics and science support their abilities as creative problem solvers and critical thinkers. Numerical operations that describe relationships such as pattern, measurement, and seriation are now being represented in algebraic formulas and applied to practical problem solving and creative building. Recycled building and crafting are motivational for everyone to feel responsible in respecting, valuing and taking care of their environments. At Kids Garden we believe recycled materials contribute to many of the creative learning projects within the learning center.

Story Telling

Children have tons of fun as they participate in a variety of activities from story telling to hands-on art puppet exploration, highly interactive circle time and so much more! During story telling, the learners are playful as they dance, sing, play games, watch puppet shows, and tell their own stories. Story time allows for strong early literacy skills such as plot development, making inferences, narration, identifying characters, and making text to self connections.
math lessons at Play Garden

Math Magicians

Math magic tricks can liven up any math class and create a sense of wonder and curiosity about math. While working with other math magicians the development of social skills is also emphasized, as the magicians become good listeners, follow directions, cooperate in a group, and learn more about themselves. The children demonstrate pride and self-esteem as they are treated like math wizards!

You can find Math Magic in:

  • Calendars
  • A deck of cards
  • Handmade cards with specially created sets of numbers
  • Everyday objects: sorting blocks, clocks, popsicle sticks, legos, nature, etc.

Exercise for kids

Motivational Movement

Endurance and gross motor skills are increased through a series of fun movement activities. As we focus on specific muscle groups, utilize student made obstacle courses, and add fun nutritional tips, our goal in this physical education class is to instill health and fitness in a fun way for everyday life. All children, regardless of their athletic abilities, will benefit greatly from movement that is fun and motivational. Never underestimate the power of play. Movement classes develop the cognitive, social and physical skills while in motion!! The students will demonstrate awareness that physical activity provides the opportunity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction. Motivational moving and playing teach children to keep those young bodies healthy and strong!

LEGO Learning

Where can one go to stack em’ high and build almost anything the imagination desires? A place where trees, trains, ships, starship fighters and walking robots are part of the imagination. Legos are an incredible manipulative that bring lessons on patterns, mathematics, following directions and designs, as well as stimulating building minds! Learners and builders at Kids Garden usually go nuts for DUPLO® and LEGO® age appropriate activities that foster little engineering pros. Kiddos can learn everything from making the pieces click to building their very own Ravenel Bridge, all with the power of LEGO®. The fun colored bricks, bits and blocks will encourage learners to independently and cooperatively pursue their creative interests.


Class Schedule

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