The Kids Garden Difference

Don’t call it a daycare. It’s not a pre-school. It’s an alternative for the mindful parent, a safe and supportive place to allow your child to thrive for a few hours. A drop-in learning facility with structured activities and seasoned caretakers.

But to the grown-ups, it’s more. It’s a network of parents, sharing advice and asking questions. It’s an opportunity for a child to be exposed to new things. It’s a community of conscientious families and a hub of healthy discovery.

— CHARLIE magazine

Charleston’s drop-in learning center is not your typical childcare or educational facility. Eco-friendly and fun, Kids Garden offers creative play stations, group learning and healthy foods…all in a safe, secure environment staffed by experienced, CPR-certified teachers and childcare providers.

Here’s what makes Kids Garden different:

Creative Learning

We believe kids learn best through play, and have designed a learning center for just that.

100% Eco-Friendly

Kids Garden is a green educational center where everything is environmentally friendly.

Experienced Childcare Providers

Kids Garden is staffed by teachers who have degrees in early childhood education as well as mothers and former nannies. We love kids! And we’re here to make sure they’re loved and cared for while you’re away.

Organic Meals and Snacks

All food served at Kids Garden is wholesome, nutritious and peanut-free. We work with local partners including Whole Foods when ordering meals, and hand select healthy snack options.

Safe and Secure

Drop your child off any time knowing he or she will be in good hands. Our childcare educational center is secured with a keypad entrance, and we require picture IDs for pickup. Our childcare providers have all been thoroughly screened and are certified in CPR and first aid.