Policies and Procedures

Making Creative Play Part of Your Child’s Day

Welcome to Kids Garden! Kids Garden is committed to providing a highly qualified, clean, safe, captivating, and environmentally friendly learning environment.

We look forward to joining with you in the development of your child and sharing the many wonderful experiences of their childhood. Childhood is a time for growing and experiencing through discovery and exploration. We provide a place where children are free to do just that. Our enrichment classes range from kids yoga, drawing/painting/sculpting, recycled building, popular Lego construction, and even homework helpers! Sign up for monthly emails with updates on class schedules and new enrichment programs.

Our Philosophy

Kids Garden is a drop-in creative arts learning center. It’s a unique eco-friendly space where children ages 12 months (and walking) to 12 years get to explore, interact and have fun while parents get that much needed break knowing our classes offer creative play in a fun and natural way! Our centers are conveniently located near grocery stores, coffee shops, local stores, fitness centers and more! Families can count on Kids Garden with our flexible hours for all of your enrichment classes and child development needs.

Our safe, secure, clean, eco-friendly and captivating play studio and learning center is designed to stimulate active minds and to exercise growing bodies. From the Kids Yoga studio flooring, interactive games, storytelling area, reading nook, creative arts tables, Lego learning, movie nights, pretend play centers, group games, circle time activities and amazing wooden indoor play set, kids love time at Kids Garden!

Parents can feel at ease knowing that Kids Garden activities encourage learning in new areas and provide children with additional social, physical and cognitive development. We strive to make each visit a new and positive experience for your children.

Safety First, Healthy Always

Our facilities, activities and events are designed for safety first and foremost. Kids Garden has created the best possible environment for our children:

  • No VOC or Lead paint used during the creation of our play space
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti microbial, mold resistant, natural cork flooring
  • Custom indoor wooden nontoxic play set
  • Eco-friendly children’s learning manipulatives including a large selection of natural wood toys
  • Organic snacks and healthy food options
  • Shoe free facility
  • Access Security Key Pads and Security Monitoring
  • All non-toxic art supplies and use of recycled items for art projects
  • Smoke free facility
  • Kid friendly and environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Peanut-free
  • CPR/First Aid Staff

Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Saturday: Mount Pleasant 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. | South Windermere: 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Sunday: Private birthday parties and special events only
  • For Colorado hours, click here

Please note that once the center closes, there is a $1.00 penalty for every minute your are late. Fees will be collected at that time.

We will be closed to observe the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Check with your local center and stay up to date on Facebook for news related to holiday closings, camps and special events.

Policies and Procedures


In order to help us keep safety as our number one priority we must have every child registered before entering the learning center and studio at Kids Garden. The registration process asks for detailed information about any allergies, medical conditions, or dietary restrictions to ensure the safety of your child. We also require an emergency contact phone number and the names of individuals that are authorized to pick up your child. Parents are to be in the immediate vicinity and immediately available while children are enjoying classes at Kids Garden. Please make sure to sign in and acknowledge that statement at each visit or each participation in one of our classes. We log all this information into our software which tracks and keeps records of each child’s stay with us.

Upon your first visit, there is a $25.00 annual registration fee. This fee handles all the processing and filling of paperwork for each family registered at Kids Garden. Please allow extra time during your first visit to complete all required paper work and photo identification checks.  We have the enrollment forms available on the website that are required prior to the first drop off. This includes a DSS 2900 and an All Policies/Medical Authorization form along with a valid DHEC Immunization or Exemption form, which are available at your pediatricians office. All records of children including name, address, and family information are kept secure in our software and confidential. These records are only accessible to Kids Garden director and staff to ensure the safety of your children.

Membership Registration is a $75 annual fee, $25 for siblings. Members receive discount drop in prices, package deals, and early registration to special events.


Visit our rates page to view current rates.

Reservation Policy

Reservations are recommended by 2:00 pm the day before.

Reservations can only be made on the hour (i.e. drop off at 8:00 am, not 8:30), and there is a minimum of 2 hours (i.e. 8:00 am – 10:00 am or 9:00 am-11:00 am).

Your child will be clocked in according to your reservation time in order to hold your spot.

A $15 no-show fee will be added to your account if we are not alerted by 5:00 pm the day before your reservation.

Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot guarantee drop off during our camp times.

Arrival and Departure of Your Child


  • Upon your first visit, informational registration paperwork MUST be completed. This includes the online registration form, the DSS 2900, All Policies Agreement/Medical Authorization and DHEC Immunization or Exemption form. We will also ask for you to read over and sign our Client Agreement at your first drop off.
  • One of our lovely teachers will check your child in under your family ID or child’s first or last name at the front check in counter. They will check to make sure all paperwork is complete.
  • Storage cubbies are provided in our welcome area for coats, shoes, and any other items that require safekeeping. Please put these items in a cubby prior to entering the play space.
  • Once checked in a Kids Garden staff member will assist your child through the gate. Our software tracks the children’s exact check in and check out time to the minute. Therefore we do not round up or down on the time spent within the learning center. Our open floor plan allows for teachers to see children in all working centers and to engage all learners.
  • For safety and cleanliness, no shoes allowed and socks must be worn inside the play space.
  • Upon entering the play studio children will wash hands before free play.


  • Our secure pick up policy requires that you show photo identification. We use a detailed software system and only allow for authorized adults to drop off and pick up. All authorized persons must show valid photo identification. Should a family like to add a new authorized adult for the release of children it must be done in person or in writing so that the software may be updated. Children will only be released to authorized adults.
  • During check out you will pay for the exact amount of minutes used while enjoying the center. A staff member will assist your child through the gate.
  • A child will only be released to a custodial parent or guardian, or designated emergency contacts named on the registration form. In situations of custody agreements, Kids Garden will follow court ordered documents.
  • A parent or guardian may grant permission for another adult to pick up the child if permission is given in writing in person to staff.
  • If a different person will be picking up your child, you will need to notify us at the time of drop off and the appropriate “code” word and identifications will be required. Parents are to be immediately available to Kids Garden and our staff.
  • Telephone authorization to drop off/release a child to someone who does not usually pick up the child will be accepted ONLY if prior written authorization has come from the custodial parent or legal guardian.

*LATE CHILD PICK UP: A charge of $1.00 a minute will be charged for any time after normal closing time. Besides being respectful to the children, it is important to the staff as well. They have their schedules and personal lives to live. When parents are late, not only do they have to work overtime, but we have to pay them overtime as well. We want to provide our children and families with happy, warm, and energetic teachers not tired and unhappy ones. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our Staff

With the belief that children are strongly influenced by the adults they interact with in their early years, we look not only for well experienced educators, but warm, loving, and caring individuals.

All staff members are CPR and First Aid Certified.

To support the experience, education, and profession of our teachers we will be addressing them as Miss, Mrs., and Mr. We thank you for your reinforcement of this practice.

Visitor’s Policy

Visitor’s Policy
Kids Garden monitors all visitors entering the facility. Any and all visitors entering the center must sign in the visitors log book and leave a valid picture identification at the front desk. Visitors may be asked to return at another time based on activities within the center and capacity of children.


We ask that children leave items in cubbies in the welcome area. For safety and health reasons we DO NOT ALLOW ANY OUTSIDE TOYS OR ELECTRONICS in our play & learning studio. Play Garden has dedicated extensive research to sourcing the best manipulatives and products for our eco-friendly center. Our center is a time for new discovery and we encourage children to try new activities, classes, and programs.
For young children we do allow a soft blanket or small comfort item while spending time at Kids Garden. Please label all items with your child’s name. Kids Garden will not be responsible for clothing or other personal belongings brought to the play space. Lost and found items will be donated to Goodwill after 2 weeks.

Children in Diapers

  • Children should arrive in a clean and dry diaper.
  • For children in diapers we ask that you supply us with at least 4 extra diapers and wipes for your child so we can change appropriately.
  • We have diaper checks and changes scheduled throughout the day, however our staff is trained to spot check and pay attention to individual child signs.
    Kids Garden supports cloth diapering. We do ask that you supply a wet/dry bag for used diapers.
  • There will be a $1 charge for diapers provided by Kids Garden
  • For those children potty training PLEASE advise staff. Please also bring extra clothes for your child.

Emergencies and Accidents

Our center is equipped with safety features for your everyone’s protection.
It is protected with a fire alarm, emergency exits, security cameras which run continually, staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR, as well as a front doorbell to alert all of us of visitors entering or exiting the center.

The following are policies for various emergencies. (These are unlikely events, however we are properly prepared):

Accident: In the event of an injury to a child Kids Garden is equipped with a fully-stocked first-aid kit. Instructions from the poison control center or a physician will be followed when providing first aid procedures or administering emergency medications.

  • 911 is called if further action is necessary. Parents will be contacted immediately. If a parent can not make it to the center prior to the transport of a child by the ambulance a staff member will accompany the child. All children will be transported to MUSC Children’s hospital unless emergency officials deem another location more appropriate.
  • Incident/Injury Reports will be completed and signed by the staff member in charge if any of the following occur:
    • Any head injuries
    • Any out of ordinary event that jeopardizes the safety of other children or staff
    • Emergency transportingAn illness, injury or accident that requires a first aid treatment

All incident/injury reports will be shared with the parent or guardian, then signed and kept on file.

Fire: The staff will evacuate the building with all the children holding on to our fire rope. Attendance will be taken inside and outside (a safe distance from the building)

Tornado/Earthquake: The staff will calmly lead children to the back of the play center away from window glass and away from large objects.

Kids Garden, the center, the staff, and it’s owner are not responsible for any physician, hospital or medically related bills resulting in a visit from any occurrences, accidents, illnesses or injuries that might have occurred in the play space.

Sick Children and Illness

Kids Garden is a studio/learning center for well children. Sick children need rest and comfort from their own homes. If children are sick with colds, flu, fever, chicken pox or other contagious illnesses, they are not to be admitted into the center. Please note a runny nose with colored discharge and a cough with mucus secretion can spread bacterial and viral infections. Please do not expose our staff or other children to your sick child. Having a sick child is hard enough please do not create more sick children within the center. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Furthermore for sanitary practices we have a hand sink within the space and ask that all children wash hands before classes or play.

If children develop any of the follow signs or symptoms parents will be called immediately to pick up their child and must arrive within 15 minutes of the phone call. If the parent or guardian is unable to pick up the child, an authorized person on the child’s emergency card will be contacted.

  • Diarrhea or bloody stools
  • Vomiting
  • Earache, irritability or confusion
  • Breathing trouble, sore throat, swollen glands, continuous coughing
  • Pink Eye, Eye Infections or conjunctivitis
  • Severe cough involving whooping or redness in face
  • Colored runny nose, draining eyes or ears
  • Fever or Elevated temperature Fever is defined as having a temperature of 100°F or higher taken under the arm, 101°F taken orally. (A child needs to be fever-free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to Kids Garden, that means the child is fever free without the aid of fever reducing substance.)
  • Lice, scabies,other parasitic infestations, rash, untreated infected skin patches or frequent scratching of the body that resemble childhood diseases

Medications: Play Garden does not administer any regular medication to children in the center during your child’s stay. We will administer life saving medications such as an EpiPen or Inhaler for children with asthma or allergic reactions. EpiPens and Inhalers must be labeled with the child’s name. Before your child is admitted to Play Garden a release form signed by you and your physician, along with a copy of the prescription, is required.

If your child does happen to be on a medication schedule, please plan his/her time at Kids Garden accordingly. Also please notify the staff if your child has any symptoms that might occur so you may be contacted immediately.

Allergies: Many children have allergies, some can be very serious. It is the responsibility of the parent and or guardian to inform our staff or any allergies. In order to keep all children in our space healthy and safe we are a Peanut Free facility. Please do not bring peanuts and or peanut products (granola bars, candy etc containing peanuts) into Kids Garden.

Naps and Rest: We do not offer naps, however if you child seems tired and needs to rest we have soft pillows and quiet areas for him/her to relax.

For children staying later on Saturday nights for our themed learning programs they may bring their own sheet and or blanket for quiet time and/or movie time. Children may also bring or wear their pajamas for an easy transition to bedtime!

Snacks and Meals: All snacks and meals are balanced and nutritious so that your children can maintain and learn healthy eating habits. Kids Garden offers organic snacks a few times throughout the day. Meals are provided by local and partner businesses or prepared in-house. Lunch is served between the hours of 12-1pm, dinner between 6-7pm. Lunch can be provided for $6 and Dinner for $8. Vegetarian options available. We do ask that you notify us during drop off as we place our orders for meals at least 30 minutes prior to serving. If your child is here during our meal hours and hungry, we will provide a meal at cost. If your child has a food allergy, please let us know!

Clothes and Shoes

Children should wear clothes that can get dirty and even stained. Our creative space offers children lots of different mediums to experiment with including, paints, sand, mud, shaving cream, etc. Aprons may be used but doesn’t always prevent clothes from becoming soiled. It is through these interactions and experiences that children learn about textures, colors, weight, mass, volume, and gravity. Children should wear comfortable play clothes that don’t inhibit them from these valuable experiences. Children need to feel free to experience “messy” activities without having to worry about “staying clean”.

Behavior and Discipline

Through discipline we strive to help children learn how to operate effectively with others and how to be a successful part of our world. Our methods involving redirecting, distraction and verbal problem solving to affirm self-esteem, even when behavior is unacceptable. Nurturing, listening and supportive care are the most effective means of minimizing the need for discipline. Interactions with children are authentic, caring and respectful. We do not allow corporal punishment.

Kids Garden’s open floor plan and creative environment was developed to promote positive and productive activity with ease therefore minimizing potential problems. When limits are placed it is for the safety of all children in the center. Kids Garden staff are consistent with all children . Children function best when there is the safety of consistent rules.

Kids Garden guidelines
• Shoe free Zone- Socks welcome to Roam
• No throwing toys
• Use inside voices
• Take turns and share with friends
• Feet and hands to yourself
• Keep food on tables and eating area
• No toys on play set
• Slide DOWN the slide-climb UP the rock wall
• Keep Ears and Eyes open

Disciplinary Actions

In taking disciplinary action, staff members consider what is most appropriate for a particular situation and the age of children involved. The outcome should be to resolve the conflict as well as empowering the children to gain self-awareness and problem solving skills.

1. Intervention: Intervention is needed to stop actions that have become disruptive. It is important that children know an adult is stepping in to take control when they have lost control themselves.

2. Resolution of Conflict:Clarify what happened, how each person is feeling, then question and examine possible solutions with the children.

Note: Feelings, both children’s and adults, are an important part of life requiring attention and expression. We encourage and support open and direct communication. We believe that both positive and negative feelings are real and valid and that our center should be a safe place to explore them.

3. Redirection: When a child is unable to behave appropriately in certain
areas, with certain children or toys, the teacher may ask the child to play in a different area until he/she is able to behave appropriately.

4. Separation from Group: This is sometimes needed when a child
cannot regain self-control and/or for the child to relax and not feel influenced by others. The staff acknowledges the child and the child is supervised, then the staff will encourage him/her to join the group “Let me know when you are ready to try again.”

Kids Garden Staff will not use corporal or physical punishment of any kind.


Kids Garden reserves the right to remove any child from the program without prior notice if it is the opinion of the center that it is in the best interest of the child, family or center.

There are a number of serious offenses which, if committed, will lead to immediate termination of a student’s registration/membership such as:

If a child is a danger to himself, others or Kids Garden property.
Refusal or inability of the child or family to adhere to the program policies and procedures.


Any provision of baby-sitting services by the Kids Garden staff, after business operating hours and off Kids Garden premises, for children registered in the center, is not sponsored by the Kids Garden. Our goal is to provide families with excellent quality care, therefore due to cost of hiring and training staff we request that you do not ask for babysitting services from our staff.

These services are not included in the liability insurance covering the Play Garden. The arrangement for these services, provision of these services, and the payment for these services is an arrangement exclusively by the child’s parent/guardian and the adult who will be providing the baby-sitting services. The actions of any Kids Garden employee outside the center premises and hours of operations are not the responsibility of the Kids Garden.


Kids Garden does not provide or have access to transportation to our learning center or classes. Therefore we can not help in the transport of your children to and from the center. Please remember to always wear a seat belt and travel safely.