When school’s out, building structured learning into your child’s day can be a challenge.

Before your child has a chance to say “I’m bored,” try some of these favorite indoor activities. Each one has been tested and approved by kids we know, and all are great for days you want to forget the sunscreen and bug spray but still keep little minds engaged.

Whether it’s your preschooler’s first summer break or your child is turning ten, here are five ideas from Play Garden’s teachers you can try at home to keep summer doldrums at bay:
water station

1. Water Station

Fill a cooler, big bucket or whatever else you have on hand with water and give the kids some fun water toys to splash around. Give them a chance to experiment by adding dish soap bubbles and drops of food coloring to swirl. Trust us: This seemingly simple activity can keep young kids entertained for hours.
cardboard shoes

2. Cardboard, Cardboard and More Cardboard

Get creative when those big boxes from Amazon show up at your doorstep. We’ve seen kids turn them into tents and towers, use them as giant coloring books and even turn them into shoes.

3. Kids Yoga

It’s not just for adults. Yoga is a great way to help kids relax and get in some low-impact exercise. Try out an age-appropriate DVD or streaming video or, if you’re a yogi yourself, simply teach a few of your favorite poses. You may be surprised at just how quickly your child catches on.

4. Recycled Crafts

recycled craftHold on to those paper towel and toilet paper tubes. You’d be amazed at how much new life your kids can breath into the little cardboard cylinders that usually go straight to the recycle bin. Bugs, tunnels, caterpillars, cars, airplanes…the sky’s the limit. Set out colored paper, markers, pipe cleaners and glue and let them create.

5. Garage Band

Gather up all those instruments and have the kids perform. No toy drums or child-size guitars? Grab pots, pans and spoons and let the kids tap and sing away. They’ll love you for it.
cardboard c

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