Steamboat Springs Kids Garden


                                       Welcome to Steamboat Kids Play Garden! We                                 are excited to meet you!

Summer Camp Registration is now open! Call us to reserve your days before they fill up! Our summer camp themes include:

2-10 years old

Weekly Camp Sign up:

9-1 pm or 1-5 pm option

June 4th-August 24th

Camp rates include 4 hours drop off

Includes snack but does not include lunch

Lunch is $6 daily or $25 (5 lunch) camp lunch bunch

Camp Rates 9-1 PM or 1 pm to 5 PM

2 Days: $74 members ($37 a day)- $86 ($43 a day) non-members

3 Days: $111 members ($37 a day)- $129 ($43 a day) non-members

5 Days: $185 members ($37 a day) – $215 ($43 a day) non members

June 18th-22nd Under the Sea

June 25th-29th Movement, Music & Dance

July 2nd-6th ( Closed the 4th) Mountain Adventure Camp

July 9th-13th Geology ROCKS!

July 16th-20th STEM/Engineering/Lego Mania

July 23rd-27th Space Camp

July 30th-August 3rd Mad Scientist

August 6th-10th All About Art

August 13th-17th Ancient Civilization Week

August 20th-24th Magic School Bus Week!

We are excited to be offering our first Outdoor Adventure Camps!!

Ages 3-8 years old




Parents can provided packed lunch & morning snack.

We will provide afternoon snack.

Drop off and pick up at Play Garden

We will depart Play Garden at 9:30 and return at 2:30 PM.

Outdoor Adventure Camp Themes

June 19th– Green Thumb Farmers- Come join us as we explore the wonders of nature as we create leaf prints, eco-friendly flower pots, all while learning about the importance of farm-to-table, composting, local plants and the life cycle plants.

June 21st Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat- Let your child center their chakras, learn about Yin & Yang, mediation, Yogis will also get to make their own eco-art creation and enjoy the relaxation of yoga!

June 26th Biking Adventure-  Bikers will learn about bike safety, taking care of their bikes in good condition and after a nice long bike ride enjoy a fun bike wash!

June 28th Nature Retreat- We will be painting with Nature, creating bird feeders, exploring in our nature journals, and designing our own leaf luminaries! We will also go on scavenger hunts and create and play tic tac toe with nature!

August Outdoor Camp Themes are:

August 7th Come play in the sun and cool off with some fun games! We will become water safety experts, play water games, including a water sponge relay race and create squirt gun masterpieces and create your own tye-dye shirt!

August 9th– Sports Day Today we will learn about great sportsmanship, play awesome games such as soccer, beanbag toss, eggs on a spoon races badminton and other fun lawn games and create our own sports medals!

August 14th– Happy Campers- Campers will enjoy this relaxing day learning about camping safety, create our own vests, design tree bark rubbings, make Eco-friendly binoculars, play with un-pop-able bubbles, and so much more!

August 16th Animal Trackers- Your soon-to-be Colorado wildlife experts will learn about our local animals, their environment, diets  tracks & surroundings by playing games and creating animal print stamps!



Register now for the 2018-2019 Preschool year!

Stop in or call to select your flexible preschool days, pay for the first month by June 15th to lock in the early bird rate! Our preschool program is founded on three educational theories, Montessori, Reggio Emilio, and Theory of Play! Ages 2-5 welcome and remember, WE are the ONLY preschool in town that does not require your child to be potty trained!

September – May

9:00-12:00 or 9:00-1:00

Preschool 9 am-12 pm

2 Days: $69 ($34.5 a day) Members

3 Days: $103 ($34 a day) Members

5 Days: $170 ($34 a day) Members

Preschool 9am-1pm

2 Days: $92 ($46 a day) Members

3 Days: $138 ($46 a day) Members

5 Days: $230 ($46 a day) Members



Center’s Phone Number: 970-457-4466

Owner cell: 970-819-9826


Monthly Newsletter: Sign up here


345 Anglers Dr.
Suite B
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487


We are located off Highway 40 in the Sundance shopping center next to Olivia’s Furniture.


Stop by any time we’re open, we will be happy to show you around!

Reservations are required after 4:00 pm as well as for children two and under.

Please call 970-457-4466 to make a reservation.

Summer Hours:

Monday – Friday:  8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (check calendar for our special date night theme parties 1-9 p.m)

Sunday: Private events only. (Ask us about birthday parties!)

Policies and Procedures

Click here to download our policies and procedures.


Registration: $25

Optional annual membership: $75 1st child,  $25 each additional child

Nonmember Hourly Rates:*
1st Child* $ 16
2nd Child* $10
3rd Child* $7

Member Hourly Rates:*
1st Child* $ 12
2nd Child* $8
3rd Child* $5

* Children under 3 years are an extra $1 an hour

Package Deals for Members:* 


12 Hours – $138 ($11.50 an hour) 3 and up – $150 ($12.50 an hour) under 3

24 Hours – $264 ($11 an hour) 3 and up – $288 ($12.00 an hour) under 3

48 Hours – $504 ($10.50 an hour) 3 and up – $552 ($11.50 an hour) under 3

72 Hours – $ 720 ($10 an hour) 3 and up – $792 ($ 11.00 an hour) under 3


12 Hours- $90 ($7.50 an hour) 3 and up- $102 ($8.50 an hour) under 3

24 Hours-$168 ($7.00 an hour) 3 and up- $192 (8.50 an hour) under 3

48 Hours- $312 ($6.50 an hour) 3 and up- $360 ($7.00 an hour) under 3

72 Hours- $432 ($6.00 an hour) 3 and up- $502 (7.00 an hour) under 3


12 Hours -$54 ($4.50 an hour) 3 and up- $66 ($5.50 an hour) under 3

24 Hours -$96 ($5.00 an hour) 3 and up- $120 ($5.00 an hour) under 3

48 Hours -$168 (3.50 an hour) 3 and up- $216 ($4.50 an hour) under 3

72 Hour -$216 ($3.00 an hour) 3 and up- $288 ($4.00 an hour) under 3


Meals and Snacks:
Lunch: $6 or $25 for 5 lunch punch card
Snacks $2 (Free for members)

All meals and snacks are prepared by hand in our on-site kitchen, with the exception of occasional dinners ordered from local restaurants.  We provide organic fruits and vegetables when possible.

Socks: $1 to rent or $2 to buy
Diapers: $1

We also carry a great selection of Melissa and Doug toys in our retail section.

Steamboat Kids Play Garden is also available to host birthday parties… call us at 970-819-9826 to learn more.

Events Calendar

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June Lunch Menu 2018 


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Rotini Noodles and red sauce, vegetables & whole grain side Toasted Cheese Sandwich, Fruit & Whole Grain Side Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich, Vegetables & whole grain side Cheese Quesadilla, fruit & Whole grain side Rotini noodles with red sauce, vegetable & whole grain side Cheese pizza, fruit & whole grain side
10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich, Vegetables &Whole Grain Side


PizzaDilla! Fruit & Whole Grain Side  

Rotini And Red Sauce, Fruit, Veggie & Whole Grain Side  

Cheese Quesadilla, Fruit & Tortilla Chips


Toasted Cheese Sandwich,

Vegetables & Whole Grain Side

Cheese Pizza

Fruit & Whole Grain Side  

17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Sunbutter and Jelly Sandwich, Veggies & Whole grain side

PizzaDilla! Fruit, veggie and whole grain side  

Rotini Noodles and Red Sauce, Fruit, Veggie and Whole Grain Side.


Toasted Cheese Sandwich,

Fruit & Whole Grain Side

Sunbutter and Banana Wrap, Fruit Veggie and Whole grain Side Cheese Pizza

Vegetable & Whole Grain Side

24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Cheese Quesadilla, Fruit & Tortilla Chips

PizzaDilla, Veggie & Whole Grain Side Rotini & Red sauce, fruit, & Whole grain side


Sunbutter & Banana Wrap

Fruit & Whole Grain Side


Toasted Cheese Sandwich, Fruit & Whole Grain Side



Cheese Pizza

Vegetable & Whole Grain Side

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Toasted cheese sandwich, fruit & whole grain side Sunbutter and Jelly Wrap, Veggie & Whole Grain Side Closed for the 4th of July   Pizzadilla, Fruit, whole grain side Rotini & Red sauce, Fruit & Whole grain side Cheese Pizza, Vegetable & Whole grain side
    10:00 AM SNACK

12:00 Lunch