About Kids Garden

Drop-in learning center

Why stress over finding a babysitter or part-time nanny when you can come to Kids Garden?

Our educational facility is a safe, clean and green learning center for all those times you need an hour (or four) without the kids. Children ages 12 months (and walking) to 12 years have fun in a captivating play space while parents get much-needed breaks. Whether you’d like to make a quiet trip to the grocery store or require half the day to work from home, you can count on Kids Garden’s flexible hours and experienced childcare providers for all your childcare needs.

We offer learning through educational games, crafts and other activities for toddlers as well as pre-teens, plus programs including a Moms Morning Out preschool curriculum, homework help club, Lego fun, and seasonal camps when school’s out.

We don’t require reservations and—after a one-hour minimum—charge by the minute. And we offer extended hours and weekends so you can count on us to be open any time you need a break.

How it Works

Play Garden Brochures1. Register
The $25-per-family annual registration fee covers your family ID number and security code for entrance as well as registration of all your family’s important information: who’s authorized for drop-off and pickup, dietary restrictions, medical concerns, likes, dislikes and even special notes for the day if needed.

2. Choose your plan.
You can opt to drop in any time and pay the hourly rate. Or you can become a Kids Garden member for access to reduced rates and special promotions. Either way, you pay by the minute following a one-hour minimum.

3. You get a break. Kids have a ball.
Whether it’s for an hour or half the day, you can feel at ease knowing your child is having fun in a safe learning environment. Our captivating play space is designed to stimulate active minds, exercise growing bodies and offer kids the chance to interact with new friends under the supervision of experienced childcare providers.